Does Walgreens Scan Photos? (2022 Guide)

Does Walgreens scan photos? Walgreens is one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States. The company operates over 8,000 stores in all 50 states. Walgreens offers a wide variety of products and services, including prescriptions, health and wellness products, photo services, and more.

Walgreens is committed to providing customers with convenient, easy-to-use pharmacy and health services. The company's website provides information on prescription refill and transfer, immunizations, health screenings, and more. Customers can also manage their prescriptions online or through the Walgreens app.

In addition to its retail locations, Walgreens also operates a wholesale business that supplies drugs and other products to hospitals and other healthcare providers. Walgreens has a long history of serving the community and is a trusted name in pharmacy and healthcare.

does walgreens scan photos and print photos - photo scanning

Does Walgreens Scan Photos?

Many people enjoy taking photos and Walgreens offers a service to make sure these images are preserved. For a small fee, customers can take their photos into a Walgreens store and have them scanned onto a CD.

This is great for those who want to save their photos but do not have the time or knowledge to scan them themselves. In addition, this service provides a backup in case the originals are lost or damaged. Whether customers want to print their photos or save them digitally, Walgreens is a great option.

What is the best way to scan Photos at a Walgreens store?

After you've located the scanning kiosk, follow these steps to scan your photograph:

  • Pull out the little drawer under the kiosk’s screen to find the scanner and place your image inside it (facing down)
  • Tap ‘scan’ on the screen to get a preview
  • Check if the orientation of the preview image is correct (adjust if it isn’t) and tap on ‘scan’ again
  • Select the size you want for the scanned image from the list of options (the default size is 4×6)
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation of the scanned image
  • Check for unwanted edges in the image and crop them out
  • Save and finalize your settings

Number of Photos you can Scan in one session at Walgreens

At Walgreens, you can scan up to 24 photos at a time using the photo kiosk. This service is great for digitizing old photos or for making prints of recent snaps. The process is quick and easy: simply select the photos you want to scan, and the kiosk will do the rest. Once your photos are scanned, you can choose to have them printed or save them to a USB drive. With this service, you can quickly and easily preserve your precious memories – all in one convenient location.

Can you scan pictures from Walgreens to an SD Card, USB Drive, or DVD?

The Walgreens website says that customers cannot transfer scanned images to devices like SD cards, USB drives, external hard drives, or DVDs.

However, if a Walgreens store is busy and has the resources available, certain workers have been reported to assist with this procedure. This is probable because scanning pictures and transferring them to another device takes more time than doing it while the store is slow.

In addition, Walgreens likely does not want customers to take advantage of their printing services by scanning images and then printing them at home for free. If you need to scan images and save them onto a device, it is best to use a service that allows you to do so such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

What is the cost of scanning photos at Walgreens?

At Walgreens, scanning photos is a free service. However, if you wish to print your scanned photos or burn them onto a CD, there is a fee. Printing fees start at $0.35 for a 4×6 photo and increase based on print size.

Alternatively, you can burn your photos onto a CD for $3.99 per disk. This is a convenient service for preserving memories without having to pay for scanning equipment or taking up space with printed copies.

Is it possible to touch up photos that have already been scanned?

Deciding whether or not to scan old photos can be a tricky decision. On one hand, it can be nice to have a digital copy in case the originals are lost or damaged. On the other hand, some people worry that scanned photos won't look as good as the originals. Fortunately, most scanners now offer the ability to edit photos once they've been scanned. This means that you can adjust the color, brightness, and contrast to your liking. You can also crop the photo to remove any unwanted edges. So if you're thinking about scanning your old photos, rest assured that you'll be able to edit them to your satisfaction.

How can you get the most out of your scanning?

Scanners have come a long way in recent years, and now it’s possible to get high-quality scans of your photos at home. Once you have scanned your photos, you may want to edit them to improve the quality. Fortunately, most scanners come with built-in editing software that makes it easy to adjust the color saturation, brightness, and contrast of each photo. You can also crop the photo to remove any unwanted edges.

  • If the scanner glass has smudges, these will show up on your scans and will prove to be difficult to edit out. Borrow a microfiber cloth from the photo specialist and clean the glass before you scan your photos
  • Stick to the 4×6 standard photo size. The larger the print size, the more pixelated your photo will become
  • Apply the auto-fix settings to let the system adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation automatically

Is it possible to extract photographs from WAG and paste them onto other devices?

At Walgreens, you can scan physical photos and documents and save them to a digital format. This can be done through the in-store photo kiosks or through the Walgreens app. Once you have scanned your photos, you can save them to a USB drive, DVD, or SD card for safekeeping. You can also print copies of your scanned photos through the Walgreens app.

However, it is not possible to copy images from Walgreens directly to another device, such as a laptop or smartphone. If you try to do this, you will receive an error message. If you need help scanning your photos at Walgreens, the staff will be happy to assist you.


In conclusion, Walgreens does scan photos at the ‘Photos’ counter in every store, allowing a maximum of 24 scans per session (each to be done individually). You can either print these photos, paying $0.35 for a standard 4×6 photo, or burn them onto a CD that costs $3.99 and holds up to 999 images. Overall, this is a convenient service that Walgreens provides for its customers.

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