Does Dollar General Sell Plan B? (2022 Guide)

Does Dollar General sell Plan B? Dollar General has been successful for a variety of reasons. One reason is that they offer low prices on a variety of items, which is appealing to budget-conscious shoppers. Another reason is that they offer convenience by having locations that are easy to access and open for extended hours.

Additionally, their store format is designed to make shopping quick and easy, which is appealing to busy shoppers. Lastly, Dollar General offers a wide selection of both national and private brand products, which gives shoppers a lot of options to choose from. All of these factors together have made Dollar General a success story.

does dollar general sell plan b

Does Dollar General sell Plan B?

Dollar General does not sell Plan B or any similar emergency contraceptives in its stores or online in 2022. You can buy Plan B at drugstores like Walgreens and CVS, and large retail stores like Costco, Walmart, and Target. Plan B costs around $50, though you may pay 10 to 20% less for a generic from a pharmacy.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying emergency contraception. First, it's important to read the labels carefully to make sure you're getting the right product. Second, remember that emergency contraception is most effective if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

Finally, be sure to check with your insurance company to see if they cover the cost of emergency contraception. If you're unable to get emergency contraception from Dollar General, there are still plenty of other places where you can buy it.

Is it possible to purchase Plan B at a Dollar General store?

If you’re looking for Plan B, you won’t find it at Dollar General. The retailer does not sell any emergency contraception pills, also known as morning-after pills.

However, Plan B is widely available at many drug stores and pharmacies. So if you need emergency contraception, you should be able to find it without too much trouble. Just remember that the sooner you take it, the more effective it will be.

Is there anything else I can take instead of Plan B?

While Plan B is the most well-known emergency contraceptive, it is not the only option. Several other emergency contraceptives contain the same active ingredient, levonorgestrel, and are just as effective. Next Choice One Dose, My Way, Take Action, and AfterPill are all similar to Plan B One-Step and can be used in the same way.

However, it is important to note that emergency contraceptives should not be used as a regular method of birth control. They are intended for use in exceptional circumstances and should not be relied upon daily. When used correctly, however, they can be an incredibly effective way to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Where can you get Plan B?

Plan B is a type of emergency contraception that can be used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. It is available without a prescription at most pharmacies and large retail stores like Walmart and Target. If you are unable to find it on the shelf, you can ask the pharmacist for help. Plan B is also available at health clinics and Planned Parenthood clinics. In some cases, you may be able to get it for free or at a reduced cost.

Additionally, you can also buy Plan B online from various websites. However, it is important to note that Plan B is not 100% effective and should not be used as a regular method of contraception. If you are sexually active and not using birth control, you should consider getting an IUD or other long-term contraceptive methods.

Why isn't Dollar General selling Plan B?

Dollar General is one of the most popular stores in America, but it doesn’t sell one of the most popular emergency contraception options: Plan B. There’s no clear reason why Dollar General doesn’t sell Plan B, but the cost may be one factor. Plan B can cost up to $50, while most Dollar General items are just a dollar or very low cost.

In addition, Plan B is a prescription medication, so it would require additional training for Dollar General employees to be able to sell it. Whatever the reason, the lack of availability of Plan B at Dollar General stores could be a problem for women who need emergency contraception and don’t have another option nearby.

What is the minimum age requirement to buy Plan B?

According to the FDA, there is no minimum age requirement for purchasing Plan B, also known as the morning-after pill. This emergency contraception can be found on the shelves of most pharmacies, large stores, and even some gas stations. No ID is required for purchase, although the price may be cheaper if you have a prescription.

Plan B works by delaying ovulation or preventing implantation, and it is most effective when taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. However, it can still be effective for up to five days afterward. While side effects are rare, they may include nausea, fatigue, or irregular bleeding.

Because Plan B is not 100% effective, it should not be used as a regular method of birth control. When used correctly, however, it can be a valuable tool for preventing pregnancy.

How much does a Plan B Kit Cost?

If you're considering using Plan B, it's important to know how much it will cost. The price of Plan B varies from state to state, but typically you can expect to pay around $50 for a pack that contains a single pill. However, you may be able to get Plan B or a similar emergency contraceptive for a lower cost or even free at a community health center or Planned Parenthood.

In addition, some insurance plans cover the cost of emergency contraception, so it's worth checking with your insurer to see if you're eligible for coverage. Ultimately, the best way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy is to use birth control consistently and correctly. But if you do find yourself in a situation where you need emergency contraception, it's good to know that there are options available.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that emergency contraception is available at most drugstores and large retail stores. Even though Dollar General does not sell it, you can buy it without a prescription and there is no minimum age requirement.

If you are concerned about the cost of emergency contraception, you may be able to get it at a lower cost or even free at a health clinic or Planned Parenthood.

By being informed about your options and knowing where to get emergency contraception, you can help ensure that you are prepared if you or someone you know needs it.

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