How Long Does Walmart Keep Security Footage? (2022 Facts)

How long does Walmart keep security footage? Security cameras are installed in and around Walmart stores to deter theft, keep an eye on their employees, and monitor any incidents that may occur in-store against customers. Walmart will have hundreds of cameras in and outside of its stores to combat retail crime. So, how long does Walmart keeps security video?

how long does a walmart store keep walmart security footage

How long does Walmart keep security footage?

For many years, Walmart has been one of the world's largest retailers. With thousands of locations across the globe, Walmart has become a household name. Given its size and stature, it's no surprise that Walmart takes security seriously. In fact, all Walmart stores have security cameras installed throughout the premises. But how long does Walmart keep this footage?

According to a recent report, Walmart keeps security CCTV footage for an average of 6 months to 1 year. However, this retention period is dependent on the size and location of the store. In smaller Walmart stores, the retention period of security footage may be between 30 and 90 days. This policy is in place to help deter crime and to assist law enforcement in their investigations. So next time you're at Walmart, remember that your every move is being recorded. And who knows? Your footage may one day be used to solve a crime.

At Walmart, how can I get access to security camera footage?

Cameras are a commonplace feature in society and their use has only increased with the advancement of technology. Many retailers, such as Walmart, have installed security cameras in their stores to help deter crime and protect both customers and employees. If you have been the victim of a crime or think you may have captured something suspicious on camera, you may be wondering how to access security footage from Walmart.

The first step is to visit the store where the incident occurred and speak to the manager. You will need to provide a valid reason for requesting the footage, such as believing you were the victim of theft or violence. It can be helpful to have the time, date, and location of the incident noted down to make it easier for the manager to find the relevant footage. Alternatively, if you wish to file a police report, the police will be able to request the footage on your behalf.

Walmart's security cameras are an important tool in deterring crime and protecting customers and employees. If you think you have captured something suspicious on camera, follow the steps outlined above to request access to the footage.

Is there facial recognition software in Walmart's security video?

In recent years, the company has developed its own tech products, such as a robotic floor cleaner, and introduced innovative customer service initiatives, such as in-store pick-up towers. Now, it appears that Walmart is using facial recognition technology to enhance security in its stores.

According to a report from Business Insider, AI cameras with facial recognition have been installed in 1,000 Walmart stores across the United States. The purpose of these cameras is to spot thieves in real-time and track their movements throughout the store. While it's unclear how exactly the system works, it's likely that the cameras are linked to a central database of known criminals. If someone with a matching face is spotted by the camera, security personnel can be alerted and take appropriate action.

While some may view this as an invasion of privacy, Walmart is likely justified in taking this step given the significant losses that can be caused by theft. In addition, it's worth noting that Walmart isn't the only retailer experimenting with facial recognition technology – companies like Amazon and Nordstrom have also been exploring its use.

What does Walmart do to maintain its security cameras?

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and as such, they take security very seriously. They have security cameras in all of their stores, and they do monitor them – but not constantly. Recently, Walmart has invested in AI security cameras that can alert staff to inconsistencies or issues without the need for constant monitoring.

In areas of high crime, security footage is more likely to be constantly monitored but for most states, Walmart uses its security cameras as a tool to support potential accusations and police investigations, rather than for instant theft prevention.

This means that if something does happen, there is footage that can be used to help catch the perpetrators – but it also means that if nothing happens, the cameras are not being monitored and so no one is watching. Whether or not this is a good thing is up for debate, but it is certainly an efficient way for Walmart to use its resources.

What is Walmart’s Theft Policy?

Walmart, like most big chain stores, takes theft very seriously. Walmart has CCTV and personnel in place that is trained to quickly identify when a theft is taking place. The key points within Walmart's theft policy are: staff should not act if they are not sure whether someone is shoplifting; untrained staff cannot apprehend potential shoplifters, only the primary trained personnel; one witness or member of staff management should be present at the apprehension point; and if trained personnel are not available, staff should only act once the shoplifter has left the premises.

These strict guidelines are in place to protect both Walmart staff and customers from potential danger. Shoplifting is a crime and should always be reported to the police, but Walmart's policy ensures that everyone remains safe while the appropriate steps are taken.

How long does Walmart keep security footage of its parking lot?

When it comes to the safety of their customers, Walmart takes security very seriously. In addition to having on-site security guards, many Walmart stores also have security cameras that constantly monitor the parking lot. As a result, if there is ever an incident in the parking lot, Walmart will usually have footage of what happened. However, one question that many people have is how long Walmart keeps this footage.

The answer differs from store to store, but most Walmart stores will keep the footage for an average of 30 days. After that, it is typically erased or recorded over. However, in some cases – such as if the footage is needed for a criminal investigation – Walmart may keep the footage for a longer period of time. Regardless of how long it is kept, though, Walmart’s parking lot security footage can be a valuable tool in keeping customers safe and preventing crime.


In conclusion, Walmart has made significant strides in its security system, updating its technology to incorporate AI and facial recognition into its footage retention process. While the store manager has the final say on whether you can physically view the footage, Walmart is generally willing to work with customers to provide whatever information they need.

So next time you're wondering how long Walmart keeps security footage, remember that it depends on the store but is typically between six months to a year. And if you need to obtain or view footage for any reason, just ask at the customer service desk.

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