5+ Best Interior Designer Interview Questions & Answers

If you are searching for interior designer interview questions and answers, look no further. We’ve got the absolute best guide to help you prepare for upcoming interior design positions that you are interviewing for.

What is an interior designer

An interior designer is someone who is professionally looking over of the design of someones or somethings interior space. This means they are planning the rooms, planning the function of the rooms, planning the style of the rooms and sometimes even assisting in the direction of construction when they are undergoing renovations to meet the designer's expectations. Interior designers are usually those who work independently but sometimes they work with a group or firm as well.

Best interior designer interview questions & answers

1. What is modern design?

Modern design is a style of design that was introduced in the mid-1980s, which is a type of design that tries to depict what an updated style looks like versus a classic style. A classic style would be Victorian or otherwise known as traditional. Modern tries to introduce what is present day. Though often confused with design trends that appear to be cold, modern design is truly about functional spaces with minimal design.

2. What is retro design?

Retro design is a style of design where we are looking to introduce elements which are taken from earlier trends. For example, the use of shag carpet or rug. This is something that was very popular in the American 1970s, which we can bring forward and try to introduce a little retro design in our work.

3. What is an open kitchen design?

An open kitchen design or layout is when the design of the kitchen space coincides with the living space. This means the two are connected and create an even larger space to accommodate guests and the residents of the home.

4. What is CAD and how could we use it?

CAD a 3D modeling and rendering tool that can help us to understand layouts of homes or commercial properties and how we might be able to reorient them or plan for better function within the current square footage.

5. How would you design a corporate office space?

Designing a corporate space is challenging. It is important to think through the needs of the employees as well as the desires of the company. That means, what the company is trying to give in terms of environment and culture. And then what they need to be able to facilitate all of their employees, which means introducing a high degree of function. For example, planning for outlets and desks for a large number of people.

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