5+ Best Store Manager Interview Questions & Answers

If you are looking for store manager interview questions and answers, look no further. We’ve compiled the absolute best questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview as a potential store manager.

What is the role of a store manager

A store manager is someone who looks after the entire operations of, usually, a retail store. This retail store could be in many types of categories of business. The store manager is someone who oversees the employees, the success of the store's sales, the inventory, the general HR needs and much more. Generally speaking, they are like a business manager with shared responsibilities across either other store managers or potentially a district manager.

Store manager interview questions & answers

1. What is the importance of managing inventory?

Inventory is absolutely important. Without it, we’ll never be able to generate enough sales. But tracking inventory, in terms of the velocity of sales we’re having on particular items, is very important. We don’t want to order too much or too little of one that either is or isn’t selling. We need to be cautious of this so that we don’t overstock ourselves but also have enough inventory to serve the demand that’s coming into the store.

2. How do you handle scheduling?

Scheduling should be planned at least three months in advance. Especially during seasons where there might be a lot of requests to take time off, like during the summer. We need to make sure the store is fully staffed at all times and that employees are getting a diversified amount of working hours that meet their pay expectations and convenience expectations.

3. How would you handle two employees having a dispute?

If two employees are handling a dispute we need to sit them both down, record the incident for any of our HR protocols and then try and come to an amicable place regarding the situation. If the situation is very serious, we may need to report it our corporate HR department and file an issue where a department manager or head should step in.

4. Would you say that tracking sales is part of your role?

It absolutely it. The store's success is part of my role. If we aren’t tracking sales, then we aren’t truly managing the store. Being a good manager is showing that the store can operate in a smooth and timely fashion while generating good profitability on a recurring basis.

5. What other functions does a store manager perform that are unordinary?

Career development is absolutely one part of the role that’s important. Someone who is young may want to work at the store but still want management experience or want to move up in terms of pay and responsibilities. Understanding what those desired goals are and how I can help to serve them over time, is a core part of ensuring we have happy employees who see a bright future with us.

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