5+ Best Camp Counselor Interview Questions & Answers

If you are looking for camp counselor interview questions and answers, look no further. We’ve compiled the absolute best questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview as a potential camp counselor.

What is the role of a camp counselor

A camp counselor is essentially a leader of a business. But this business is the enjoyment and education of youth, usually during the off-season for regular structure education. They help to design activities and childcare responsibilities in a way that is not only beneficial to those who are in attendance but serve as a platform for enjoyment to those who sign up each year to the camp program.

Camp counselor interview questions & answers

1. How would you design your activities?

Activities need to be designed in a way that feeds the minds of all sorts of personality types. Those who enjoy the physical side of our programs should have a designed activity. Then those who may appreciate a more education or mental activity should have something designed for them. And so on. We need a well-balanced series of activities so that there are optimal options for those who are part of the camp.

2. How would you deal with a student not wanting to do a program or activity that all others are doing?

If the activities are designed correctly, that shouldn’t happen. But when all activities fail, we can always ask the student or child what they would like to be doing. And then have one of the other camp associates work directly with that child on that activity. Though, we need to make sure this isn’t the common case for each child in attendance.

3. How would you ensure all children wake up at the same time?

We should set alarms each morning so that children know exactly what time they should be waking up so that they can have the best day possible.

4. How would you ensure all children are given appropriate meals?

Meals should be planned in advance with the meal coordinator of the camp. We don’t necessarily need to plan the meals but we should be alerting the chefs and cooks what time the children will all be ready to eat after their activities.

5. What else makes a good camp counselor?

The ability to relate and have fun with the children as if we were one of them. If we are having fun, they will too. It is really important that we think about the camp as though it were a place we would want to attend even as an adult.

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