5+ Best Dental Hygienist Interview Questions & Answers

Looking for dental hygienist interview questions? We’ve complied the absolute best interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview with a dental office.

What is the role of a dental hygienist

In general, a dental hygienist is like an assistant to a dentist. They are there to help perform routine tasks like filling cavities, doing x-rays, assisting in procedures and performing dental cleanings. The most important job is to help with the procedures. Without that assistance the dentist may not be able to perform their procedures properly and could harm the patient.

Dental hygienist interview questions & answers

1. Do you know the names of all of the dental equipment?

Yes. I would be happy to go through a mock session where you ask me for certain dental tools and see that I can properly identify each one, in their various sizes and give them to you in a timely manner.

2. How would you handle someone with gum disease who is getting a cleaning?

Someone with gum disease is going to feel a lot of pain while getting a teeth cleaning, which is not normal. So we need to make sure we adjust our cleaning for the pain that the patient could feel. They may need some low levels of novocaine throughout their gums in order to feel as little pain as possible. They will also feel pain after the cleaning, which isn’t normal but we need to prepare them for that.

3. What is the first rule you must follow before taking an x-ray?

The first rule is looking after the patient and their safety. That means they must wear all safety equipment before an x-ray is taken. This includes a vest, sometimes eyewear and be sure that no cell phones or jewelry are being worn that could impact the machine.

4. What is the general process for filling a cavity?

The general process for removing and filling a cavity is to first penetrate the area of the tooth where the cavity exists, remove any decay that may exist with our drills and then to fill the cavity with resin or whatever the preferred method of tooth filling is used by the practice.

5. How do you recommend oral health?

It depends on the patient, their age and the status of their teeth. Generally speaking, we should be educating everyone on the benefits of flossing and how flossing can be far more beneficial than regular brushing. We should educate our patients on proper brushing techniques as well, so they don’t damage their teeth while brushing, if they are brushing too hard.

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