Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks (2022 Best Deals)

What are Walmart hidden clearance hacks? Walmart takes pride in its low prices on a variety of products. However, if you are looking for bigger discounts, Walmart's clearance section can be a great place to find deals - if you know where to look!

local walmart stores hidden clearance hacks

Walmart hidden clearance hacks (ways to save at your local Walmart store)

Here's what you need to know to save money at Walmart and how to find hidden clearance deals.

Use the app to find Walmart hidden clearance deals In-Store

Chances are, if you're looking for a clearance item at Walmart, the yellow sticker price is already a pretty good deal. But there's an easy way to see if you can get an even better price on the same item.

Using the Walmart app on your smartphone, open the barcode scanner and scan the barcode on the yellow clearance sticker. The item should pop up, and more likely than not, with an even lower price! This is because prices at are usually lower than in-store prices. So next time you're looking for a bargain at your local Walmart, don't forget to check the app first!

Find cheaper clearance prices under clearance tags

For anyone who loves a bargain, the yellow clearance sticker is like a beacon of hope. But it turns out that there could be an even better deal hiding underneath. According to recent reports, Walmart has been known to put even lower prices on clearance items. This means that if you take the time to look, you could snag an absolute steal! Of course, not every clearance item will have a hidden bargain, but it's definitely worth taking a closer look the next time you're in your local Walmart.

Price Match hidden clearance items at the checkout

The next time you're in Walmart, be sure to price match any clearance items you find with the Walmart app. This great hack will ensure that you get the lowest possible price on an item, even if it's not on sale at Walmart.

All you need to do is take the product and your phone to the register, and the cashier will match the price of the identical item available on the Walmart website or app.

Additionally, you can price match online, which is another great way to get clearance items at a lower price.

Price tags predict future price drops

Most people are familiar with the yellow clearance stickers that appear on items in stores when they are marked down. But did you know that the price tag can actually tell you whether the item is likely to be marked down even further? If the price ends in a “5” or a “0,” it means that this is the first time the item has been marked down, so there is a good chance it will be reduced even more. However, if the price ends in a “1,” it means that this is the absolute lowest the price will go.

Unlock hidden clearance prices for full price products 

Full price is so last season. Walmart is now offering discounts on clearance items without even having to hunt for a yellow sticker. All you need is their app. Whether you're looking for clothes, accessories, or home goods, there's a good chance you'll be able to find a markdown in the hidden clearance section. And since you can scan any item in the store, you don't have to waste time looking for sale items - just scan and save.

Time your hidden clearance purchases well

Stores like Walmart often reserve the right to limit price matching to one item per customer per day, so you'll need to be strategic about when you make your purchase. The best hidden clearance deals are typically found early in the morning or late at night, so plan your shopping trip accordingly. You can also try checking the clearance section of your favorite store's website, as many retailers offer deep discounts on items that are available online only. With a little planning and patience, you can snag some amazing deals on clearance items.

Use social media to find walmart clearance items

Social media has become a handy tool for finding clearance deals at Walmart. By searching hashtags like #walmartclearance, you can see what people have recently found on clearance at Walmart stores. Often, the posts will include a link to the product, as well as the location of the store.

This can be very helpful in finding clearance deals near you. Just remember that clearance items can vary depending on location, so it's always worth checking a few stores before you make a purchase. With a little patience and perseverance, you're sure to find some great clearance deals at Walmart.

Ask around for the best clearance deals

When it comes to finding the best clearance deals at Walmart, it pays to ask around. Sales associates will know exactly where to find hidden clearance items, and they can help you narrow down your search to a specific department.

You can also ask other shoppers for their recommendations. Some savvy shoppers even check Walmart’s online clearance section on a regular basis to see what’s new. Whichever approach you take, taking the time to ask around can help you score some amazing deals on clearance items at Walmart.


Walmart is a great place to find clearance deals on items you need. By following these tips, you can be sure to get the best possible price on your purchase. With a little patience and planning, you can snag some amazing clearance deals at Walmart.

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