5+ Best Makeup Artist Interview Questions & Answers

makeup artist interview questions

Looking for makeup artist interview questions? We’ve compiled the absolute best interview questions and answers to help you with your upcoming interview.

What is the role of a makeup artist

A makeup artist can be someone who works within the theater, entertainment or movie business. As well as someone who works within a retail setting helping to greet customers and show them how to apply proper their makeup properly. In general, a makeup artist is someone who is proficient in the use of makeup for the various ways it is used in modern times. They are given challenges on how to achieve a particular look and choose a variety of materials, colors, makeups and other techniques to achieve the goal.

Makeup artist interview questions & answers

1. What is foundation?

Foundation is a base layer makeup used to create a smooth finish to the person's skin. It is used to help establish the initial setting for the other layers of makeup which will be applied. For instance, if the person has a small blemish or freckle, we may use the foundation to cover that up.

2. When would you use blue eye shadow?

Blue eye shadow should always be used sparingly, it is not for everyone. For the most part, blue eye shadow is perfect for the those of a latin background or those with darker skin tones and darker eyes. When using blue eye shadow we need to be careful that the shade of blue is not bright and only assists in the other makeups.

3. How would you help a customer choose a foundation?

The first thing we have to do is establish their skin tone. Without knowing what their natural skin tone and eye color is, it will be difficult to advise what style and type of foundation they should be using. We want the look to be natural.

4. What is the appropriate amount of makeup to wear?

Most men and women choose to wear a little too much makeup. This can look unnatural. What we should be advising is that the makeup use is put on in a number of light layers versus large coats of makeup. This will look more natural.

5. How would you handle makeup for a Halloween costume?

When using makeup for any theatrical setting we need to first establish what goal we have. In this instance, lets say it is for Dracula. In that case, we need to choose a very pale foundation for the face along with red lipstick and dark eye shadow to achieve an “undead” look to the client. We can then use red for fake blood if needed.

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