Does Target Do Cash Back? (2022 Facts)

Does Target do cash back? For many shoppers, Target is their go-to destination for all their needs, whether it’s stocking up on groceries or picking up a new outfit. But what about getting cash back? Does Target offer cash back on purchases?

The short answer is yes, in most cases Target will give you cash back on purchases made with a debit card at checkout or self-checkout. There’s no minimum purchase required and no transaction fees, so you can get cash back on even small purchases. However, Target does not give cash back on personal checks or credit cards.

If you’re wondering how much cash back you can get at Target, it varies by store but is typically up to $40. So next time you’re at Target, be sure to ask about their cash back policy before you check out.

can you request cash back at the target resgister - yes target offers cash back

What is Target’s cash back policy?

Target's cash back policy allows customers to receive up to $40 in cash back in $10 bill increments. This policy varies from location to location, but generally speaking, Target does not charge fees for cash back when you pay with debit cards.

You can ask for cash back either at the register during checkout with a Target associate, or by selecting the cash back option on the card reader during self-checkout. If you are getting cash back at a self-checkout counter, the denominations of bills may be limited to whatever is within the kiosk itself.

Ultimately, the Target cash back policy is a helpful way to get some extra cash when you need it.

How do I get Target cash back?

Requesting cash back at Target is a quick and easy way to get access to extra funds when you need them. Whether you're using an associate's register or a self-service kiosk, simply select the cash back option during checkout.

You can receive up to $40 in cash back with no minimum purchase required. Note that the amount of cash you can withdraw is limited to the available funds in your linked checking account (minus the purchase amount).

Looking to get $30 cash back on a $20 purchase, you'll need at least $50 available in your bank account. With this easy process, getting cash back at Target is a great way to get the extra money you need without having to make a special trip to the ATM.

Is it possible to earn cash back with debit cards at Target?

Yes, you can get cash back when shopping with a debit card at Target. If you use the Target RedCard Debit Card, the money will be drawn directly from your checking account. Just be sure to have enough money in the account to cover the purchase and the cash back.

Other debit cards may also work for cash back at Target, but you'll need to check with your card issuer to be sure.

Getting cash back at Target is a convenient way to save time and avoid ATM fees. Plus, it's one more way to earn rewards whenever you shop at Target.

Is it possible to earn cash back on Target gift cards?

The answer is, it depends. Some Target locations will offer cash back on purchases made with a Target gift card, but there are restrictions. The total amount on your gift card must not exceed your state’s maximum cash back limit in order to be eligible, and depending on where you live, if the gift card has more than $10 remaining on it, you might not be able to get cash back at all.

Other Target locations will not give cash back in the form of bills for Target gift cards. Instead, these will return the remaining amount from your purchase as a gift card only.

Is it possible to receive cash back using Target's Wallet App?

Target's Wallet app makes it easy to get cash back on your Target Debit Card transactions. All you have to do is turn on the "Cash Back" toggle in the app, enter the amount of the transaction, and scan the barcode. The money will be automatically withdrawn from your account and deposited into your Target Debit Card account.

You can then use that money to pay for future purchases at Target stores or online. Cash back rewards are a great way to save money on your everyday shopping, and Target's Wallet app makes it easy to take advantage of them.

Is there a charge if I receive cash back from Target?

Target does not charge any fees for getting cash back at their stores, which makes it a great option if you need to withdrawal some cash quickly. Additionally, there is no minimum purchase amount required in order to be eligible for cash back, so you can get cash back on even small purchases if needed.

The only potential charges to be aware of come from your bank—some accounts will charge fees for withdrawing more than your daily allocation of funds. Therefore, it's important to know your bank's limit in order to avoid any excess charges on your cash back transaction. Overall, getting cash back at Target is a convenient and fee-free way to get the cash you need.

Other locations offer cash back

  • 7 Eleven ($10 cash back limit)
  • Albertsons ($100 to $300 cash back limit)
  • ALDI ($100 cash back limit)
  • Chevron ($10 cash back limit)
  • Circle K ($40 cash back limit)
  • Costco ($60 cash back limit)
  • CVS ($35 cash back limit)
  • Dollar General ($40 cash back limit)
  • Dollar Tree ($50 cash back limit)
  • Family Dollar ($50 cash back limit)
  • Food Lion ($200 cash back limit)
  • Hannaford ($100 cash back limit)
  • Jewel-Osco ($100 cash back limit)
  • Kmart ($50 cash back limit)
  • Kroger ($300 cash back limit, and fees between $0.50 and $3.50)
  • Meijer ($50 cash back limit)
  • Publix ($100 cash back limit)
  • Ralphs ($200 cash back limit)
  • Safeway ($200 cash back limit)
  • Save Mart Supermarkets/S-Mart ($200 to $300 cash back limit)
  • Shell ($40 cash back limit)
  • Shoppers Food Warehouse ($300 cash back limit)
  • ShopRite ($200 cash back limit)
  • Staples ($40 cash back limit)
  • Trader Joe’s ($50 cash back limit)
  • Vons ($200 cash back limit)
  • Walgreens ($25 cash back limit)
  • Walmart ($100 cash back limit)
  • Whole Foods ($100 cash back limit)
  • Winn-Dixie ($100 cash back limit)


Finally, Target does offer cash back on debit card purchases, with no minimum purchase required. However, there's a limit of $40 in cash back per transaction, and it's only available in $10 bill denominations. If you need more than $40 worth of money back, use the Wallet app on your phone to receive the funds you require.

Overall, Target's cashback program is a fantastic method to save money on your next purchase.

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