10 Answers To "Why Do You Want This Job?"

why do you want this job

There’s a moment in the interview process where the HR department head or the person who is conducting the interviews will ask you, “Why do you want this job?” This might throw you off guard slightly, but it’s a good question for the interviewer to ask. We’re going to through why this question is asked, how you can prepare yourself for a question of this kind and what answers you might want to give.

Why Do Interviewers Ask “Why Do You Want This Job?”

Let's take a step back for a moment and really think about what this question is asking. Why do you want this job? Is this just another question that the interviewer is hoping to get some information out of you from. Is this a question they’re genuinely interested in your creative response? Or is it something else? For the most part, the interviewer is asking you this question because they want to know that you have a prepared answer.

Pro fact: Deloitte suggests that 43% of millennials ages 21 to 38 will quit their jobs within the next two years. Meaning, employers will rely more on the reasoning for leaving a job.

If you think about it, asking this question and not having a prepared response makes it appear as though you haven’t given this job opportunity a significant thought in how it’s going to fit in with your life or future career development. When you have no answer to this question, it seems as though you aren’t truly planning for yourself. And that’s important. Companies don’t simply want to hire you. They want to know that you have a broader or bigger plan for your own career as well. Because there’s a mutual exchange of value that occurs when that’s the case.

Pro fact: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire (for a company) is estimated at a minimum 30% of the employee’s first-year salary. This means hiring is now more strict than ever before.

When you have a prepared response for this interview question, it comes off like you have a plan for yourself. And that you see how your plan and the companies vision, both fit together. And that symbiotic relationship is what employers are really looking for.

How To Position Reasons Why You Want The Job

It's important that you know your reasoning for wanting the job. Good reasons for your desire for the position constitute new learning or the ability to use skillsets that you are particularly great at. Here are some reasons for why you might want the job:

Think Through Reasons That Resonate With Your Career

It's important that you pick reasons which resonate with your career path. For instance, if you are seeking a job that will help you develop new skillsets, you can explain that you've had a long history of working in the same job function and that this job allows you the opportunity to both develop new skills and use ones that you already have.

When developing the perfect answer be sure that your reasoning is aligned to both what your resume says and what the job function requires. That will ensure your answer is targeted and relevant to the interviewer.

Is There A Bad Way To Answer The Question

There’s no truly bad way to answer this question. There is simply being unprepared for the question. And not being prepared for the question is the tell-all sign in itself. By having a prepared response you more easily come across like you know why you are there and what the purpose of your future employment is going to be for both yourself and the company.

Don’t take too long to answer this question when the interviewer asks you. Know that the question is coming or a similar question to it, like “Why do you want to work here?” and then answer directly, confidently and promptly.

10 Example And Sample Answers To “Why Do You Want This Nob”

Example one

When I saw the job opening I had to act quickly. I’ve been watching the company develop over the years and I’ve had the utmost of respect for the CEO’s vision and the founding story. Being here will expose me to new opportunities and parts of the business where I lack. But it will also allow me to use my expertise and skillsets in a way that feels as though it will be valued.

Example two

This opportunity will provide me challenges in all the right ways. I need to be challenged. I strive to learn new things, be apart of a team and compete. The position seems like a prime fit for me to be able to do just that.

Example three

The opportunity seems like a perfect way for me to develop parts of my personal goals as well as parts of my career goals, in tandem. For example, I know I need some work on my communication skills. And this will give me the opportunity to learn from those more experienced and challenge the parts of myself that are always in need of development.

Example four

This is an organization that values what I can bring to the table. The environment as a whole is very clearly a place where culture, collaboration, trust, and excellence is bred. I have to be apart of the company for these exact reasons.

Example five

The environment is a place where the employees are constantly being challenged to exude excellence. Because of this, I know that this will be an environment where I can gain confidence and be able to execute in ways where I will be harshly judged. That may sound like a negative but for me, that is absolutely perfect. It will force me to grow and fits in perfectly with my career path.

Example six

In order to do well here, I will need to apply myself. It’s time for me to increase the levels of responsibilities that I have. At my current position, I am no longer feeling challenged. I need to be given the new level of responsibility that I know this position can provide. And that will allow me to feel rejuvenated in the value that I can bring to company.

Example seven

There’s a great deal of innovation happening all around us. The world is moving at a significant pace. I see the organization doing that as well. And I don’t want to remain stagnant while the world moves quicker than me. I need to be in an environment where I see innovation being nurtured and growth being had. This position is perfect for me because I need an environment like that. This a pivotal stage in the companies life span where I can contribute a great deal of effort and see the fruits of that labor come to fruition very quickly.

Example eight

I’m a huge proponent of the CEO’s vision. There’s alignment with my own personal point of views and morals. Because of this, I know that this company is a place where I belong. It is a place where I will take provide in any type of contribution that I can make towards it. It will be a place I can go home every evening and tell my family and friends how proud I am of the work I’m doing. This is the reason why this job is a perfect fit for me and why I have to be able to get this position.

Example nine

I have a plan for myself and for my career. This job function and this job opening is one that is going to help me along my career path. With that said, I feel I can bring tremendous value to the organization and to this role in particular. But I also know that there’s mutual alignment and an exchange of value that’s being had because I get to apply my skill sets but also receive an opportunity for upward mobility over time.

Example ten

There’s no other company I could myself being at right now. Your company is one that has a strong north star of its values and how it achieves greatness. I see myself being able to learn from my peers and as well as my direct reports. That’s something I can’t truly say about every single company or job opening. Because of that, this is one that’s going to nurture what’s important to be in life. I have to be able to walk away from this interviewing knowing that I’ll be able to get this job because it’s truly the most significant opportunity I see out there right now.

Preparing Your Answer

When preparing for this interview question, try to customize what makes you special, what motivates you and what gets you up in the morning. The interviewer wants to know what your true desire for the position is. And that could be anything. But make sure that you explain your reasoning with good and honest intention.

Never answer the question with a simple answer of, “Because it pays well.” That will never go over well with the interviewer. But if you are honest and humble about your response, the interviewer will reward you for that. There’s no real wrong answer with this question, just one that could be potentially dull.

Take a minute before you go into the interview, to really think about what your purpose is with the job function and how that’s going to apply to your broader self-development. Then, put it down onto a few bullet points and use that as a formula for the impact you’re going to have when answering the question.

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