Healing Frequencies: What Is It?

I accidentally became quite interested in healing frequencies when I stumbled upon it through Spotify. I was searching for ambient music and landed upon something I enjoyed. I realized the song/track was much longer than I was expecting and then ultimately had to investigate what I was listening to. There it was, the term ‘Healing Frequencies’.

Healing Frequencies is technically classified under energy healing. But has not entirely been studied or proven to be effective. Yet those who are interested in it seem to believe there’s a frequency of which energy travels which our minds, body, and spirit understand. Most notable to have been started under the “Solfeggio Frequencies” by Leonard Horowitz, the 528hz sound is told to heal DNA.

The frequencies of which these sounds and music can be heard at are varying. From 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852. Each one containing a healing property uniquely designed. These also bump into what’s called vibroacoustic therapy which is a newer form of holistic medicine but also classified with the energy healing umbrella. Sound waves vibrate the patient and supposedly give organs, tissues and cells an “inner body massage.” Such vibrations are claimed to assist in “cellular cleansing mechanisms” and have positive effects on health and illness. They are often combined with recorded music alleged to have some critical effect depending on what kind of music is played.

Take a listen for yourself and enjoy the music.

author: patrick algrim
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Patrick Algrim is an experienced executive who has spent a number of years in Silicon Valley hiring and coaching some of the world’s most valuable technology teams. Patrick has been a source for Human Resources and career related insights for Forbes, Glassdoor, Entrepreneur, Recruiter.com, SparkHire, and many more.


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