Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy (2022 Guide)

What is the Walmart baby formula return policy? Walmart's return policy for baby formula is one of the most generous in the industry. Not only do they accept returns of unopened product within 90 days of purchase or delivery, but they also offer a free return shipping option.

This makes it easy and convenient for customers to return items that they are not satisfied with. Additionally, Walmart's return policy is one of the few that allows customers to return items even if they do not have the original receipt.

This is extremely helpful for parents who may have lost their receipt or who did not receive one at the time of purchase. Overall, Walmart's return policy is customer-friendly and designed to make life easier for parents.

walmart baby foruma return policy for store credit or cash

Is it legal to return baby formula to Walmart?

While Walmart doesn't have a formal policy in place specifically for baby formula, you can still return it as long as it meets the general criteria for returns. Baby formula is classified as a food item by the FDA, so there are no specific laws or regulations governing its return. However, because it's a perishable item, some brands may have modified return policies that are noted on the receipt.

Overall, Walmart classifies baby formula as a non-perishable food item and permits its return according to the general return policy. It's always best to check your receipt for any brand-specific details regarding the return of baby formula before attempting to make a return.

When is it safe to return Formula to Walmart?

New parents have a lot to keep track of, and one of the most important things on their list is baby formula. Not only do they need to make sure they have enough to last, but they also need to be aware of the expiration date. Walmart has a 90-day return policy for baby formula, but it's at the discretion of the store manager whether or not they will accept a return after that point. However, it's always worth asking! The worst they can do is say no. If you're within the 90 days, though, you're good to go. Just bring your receipt or online invoice and you'll be refunded in no time.

How can you return baby Formula to Walmart In-Store?

Baby formula can be returned to Walmart either in-store or through the mobile app. In-store, customers can go to the customer service desk or any of the checkout lanes. Returns are processed immediately, though a refund to a debit or credit card can take up to 10 days.

Exchanges and cash refunds do not have this delay. Customers returning baby formula purchased through or in-store can also use the Mobile Express lanes by downloading the Walmart app onto a smartphone. The return process is completed through the app. No matter how baby formula is purchased, Walmart accepts returns as long as customers have the correct proof of purchase and a valid government-issued photo ID for verification purposes.

Is it possible to return baby formula to Walmart without a receipt?

Walmart's return policy for baby formula is quite customer friendly. If you are within the 90-day time frame and meet the criteria for receipt-less returns, you will be able to return the baby formula without any issues. The store requires that you present a valid government-issued photo ID so that they can track your return activity.

However, if the refund process verifies your return, you may exchange the baby formula for another item. Additionally, if the baby formula is worth less than $25, you will be refunded with cash. However, if it is worth more than $25, you will be given a Walmart shopping or gift card. All in all, Walmart's return policy for baby formula is very reasonable and accommodating.

How do I return Baby Formula to Walmart by Mail?

Customers who need to return baby formula to Walmart can do so easily and conveniently by mail. To start a return, simply go to the order history section on or the Walmart app, and select the item you wish to return. Then, select “Return by mail” to receive a printable free shipping label.

Attach this label to the baby formula packaging, and drop it off at a nearby USPS or FedEx location. Refunds and replacements will be processed once the baby formula reaches Walmart, so you should allow up to 10 days for refunds to arrive in your mode of payment. This process is easy and convenient, so you can return baby formula without any hassle.

Is it legal to return opened Baby Formula to Walmart?

According to the official Walmart website, most stores will only allow you to return opened baby formula within 90 days if the product was sold beyond its expiration date or was defective. Additionally, baby formula that arrived damaged from delivery will be refunded or replaced.

However, since each store operates its own store policy, it's always best to call the store ahead of your visit to make sure that your baby formula item will be accepted for a return. This way, you can avoid any potential issues or problems at the time of your return.


Returns are an important part of the shopping experience, and Walmart wants to make sure that all customers are satisfied with their purchases. If you're not happy with your purchase of baby formula, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund or exchange.

You can register returns in-store, via Mobile Express, or by free mail, and must provide proof of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

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