Does USPS First Class Have Tracking? (2022 Facts)

Does USPS first class have tracking information provided for it? First Class Mail is the United States Postal Service's (USPS) standard and most affordable postal class for envelopes and packages. USPS First Class mail is used for postcards, letters, large envelopes, and small packages. Packages that weigh 13 ounces or less can be sent with First Class Mail. The standard USPS First Class Mail delivery time is 1-3 days depending on the distance it needs to travel to reach its destination. 

Customers who would like to track their USPS First Class Mail can do so by choosing additional services such as Certified Mail or Registered Mail. However, these services also come with an increase in cost. For example, a regular First-Class stamp for a one-ounce letter is $0.55, while a Certified Mail service starts at $3.50 in addition to the regular stamp price.

Therefore, it is important for customers to decide whether the tracking information provided by these additional services is worth the extra cost before adding them on.

does usps first class package service have tracking numbers provided

Is USPS First Class Mail automatically tracked?

USPS First Class Mail is automatically tracked if the item shipped is a First Class Package. However, if the item is a Letter or Flat, it is not automatically tracked to the same degree as a Package would be. This tracking information can be useful for a variety of reasons. For instance, if an important document is sent via First Class Mail and does not arrive within the expected timeframe, the tracking information can be used to help locate the missing mail.

Additionally, businesses may use tracking information to keep tabs on inventory that is being shipped to them. Overall, USPS First Class Mail offers a degree of tracking that can be beneficial for both individuals and businesses alike.

How much does it cost to track a First-Class Package?

The cost of adding tracking to First Class mail varies depending on the weight of the package. For packages that weigh 1-4 ounces, the cost is typically $4. From there, the cost increases by the ounce up to 13 ounces. If a package exceeds the weight limit for First Class mail, it will be shipped as a parcel, which includes free tracking.

Therefore, the cost of adding tracking to First Class mail depends on the weight of the package and whether it exceeds the weight limit for First Class mail.

How do you track a First Class Letter?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a few different ways that you can track a first class letter. The most common way is to use certified mail. Certified mail will provide you with a green form that needs to be signed by the recipient.

This is confirmation that the mailpiece was received and it also includes the date that it was sent and received. If you need to track a first class letter for legal purposes, then this is the best option. Another option is signature confirmation. With this service, you will be able to see on the USPS website when your letter was delivered and who signed for it.

Signature confirmation costs $2.90 in addition to the cost of postage. Finally, you could also use return receipt requested. This option will provide you with proof that your letter was delivered and it will also give you the date and time that it was delivered.

Return receipt requested costs $2.80 in addition to regular postage costs. All of these options are great ways to track a first class letter so that you can have peace of mind knowing that it arrived at its destination safely.

Online tracking of First Class Mail:

The United States Postal Service offers online tracking for First Class Mail, which is the most common type of mail sent through the USPS. To use this service, you must be signed up with an approved vendor, such as eBay or PayPal. Once you have created and printed a First Class shipping label on the site, you will receive a tracking number in your transaction records.

This number can be used to track the parcel online, and it will also allow the recipient to track the parcel themselves. The USPS online tracking system is a convenient way to keep track of your mail, and it can help to ensure that your parcels arrive safe and sound.


In conclusion, USPS does offer tracking on some of its services, but not all. If you are sending a letter or flat envelope, there is no tracking available unless you upgrade to a more expensive shipping option. However, there are some add-on services that can give you assurance that your mail was delivered.

These include Certified Mail and Registered Mail, both of which provide proof of delivery. So if you need to send something important and you want to be sure it arrives safely, the best bet is to use one of these tracked services from USPS.

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