What Does "Arrived at Hub" Mean for USPS? (2022 Facts)

What does "arrived at hub" mean at USPS? Once a package arrives at a USPS Hub, it will be sorted and prepared for the next stage of delivery. From there, it will be loaded onto a truck and transported to the next Hub or its final destination. The length of time that a package spends at a Hub can vary depending on the overall volume of mail that is being processed.

During busy times of year, such as the holiday season, packages may spend several days at a Hub before being delivered. However, most packages will only spend a day or two at a facility before being sent on their way. Once a package has left a Hub, tracking information will be updated with its new location. As long as there are no delays in the system, customers can typically expect their package to be delivered within 5-7 business days.

what does arrived at hub mean at the local post office

What is a USPS Hub?

A USPS Hub is a central postal facility that is responsible for transporting mail to smaller facilities that it services. This allows USPS to get mail to its final destination quickly and cheaply. Hubs help to ensure that mail is delivered efficiently and on time.

There are three different types of Hubs: Network Distribution Centers (NDCs), Area Distribution Centers (ADCs), and Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs). Each type of Hub has a different purpose, but all are essential to the efficient operation of the postal service.

What does “Arrived at Hub” mean at USPS?

Seeing “Arrived At Hub” on your tracking information means that your package has reached one of USPS’ large mail processing centers. These facilities are responsible for unloading pallets of mail, scanning packages, and sorting them based on their destination. Given everything that goes on when a package reaches one of USPS’ Hubs, the “Arrived at Hub” update is unfortunately rather vague and doesn’t give much information about where your package is in the process.

For example, it could mean that your package has been processed and is ready to go out for delivery within hours. Or, it could mean that your package still needs to be sorted, a process that could take days, depending on mail volume and employee attendance. That being said, if your package is from Amazon or was sent via Priority Mail, there’s a decent chance that you’ll see it delivered within a few days after the “Arrived at Hub” update.

So while the meaning of this update is rather ambiguous, in most cases, it’s nothing to worry about and simply means that your package is making its way through the USPS system.

How long will my package be at a USPS Hub?

If you're wondering how long your package will stay at a USPS Hub, the answer isn't clear cut. In most cases, your package shouldn't stay at a USPS Hub for more than a day or two. However, there are some horror stories about people waiting weeks or months for their package to move on. Still, the actual amount of time it stays depends on a number of factors.

One factor is the type of mail service your package was sent with. If your item was sent via Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, or through Amazon, you can be confident that your package will be out for delivery within a day or two.

If your package was sent with a non-priority service, it could take a few more days for USPS employees to get around to sorting it. Another factor impacting how long your package stays at a Hub is the amount of work a particular Hub is burdened with at any given time. If a Hub is overwhelmed with packages, yours could sit there for a while longer. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is be patient and wait for your package to arrive.

How long does it take for a package to reach the Hub after it has been delivered?

At any given time, there are millions of packages moving through the USPS system. In order to keep up with the demand, the USPS has sorting facilities, called Hubs, located across the country. When a package arrives at a Hub, it is sorted according to its destination and then sent on its way.

Given all of the factors impacting packages at USPS Hubs (e.g. mail class, workload, or employee absences), it’s impossible to say exactly how long it will take your package to get from a Hub to your mailbox. However, if your package is at a Hub in your state or town (sometimes called a Destination Hub), then there’s a good chance that you’ll receive your package the same day or the following day.

If, however, your package is at a Hub halfway across the country, then it could be several more days before you receive your package. In any case, the USPS is working hard to get your package to you as soon as possible.


While it can be frustrating to wait for a package, it's important to remember that seeing "Arrived At Hub" simply means that your package has arrived at the sorting center. In most cases, your package will be delivered a few days after you see this update.

However, if you don't receive your package within a week, it's a good idea to contact USPS for more information. By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure that your package is delivered as soon as possible.

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