Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint? (2022 Facts)

Does Dollar General sell spray paint? Whether you're working on a DIY project or simply need to stock up on paint, there are times when you just need to buy it. While many stores provide paint, you may not have the time (or the means) to go there.

does dollar general sell spray paint

Does dollar general sell spray paint?

Dollar General is one of the largest discount retailers in the United States, with over 16,000 stores in 44 states. The company offers a wide variety of products, including food, household goods, apparel, and more.

Dollar General does not sell spray paint online but does sell it in stores. The store sells Miracal brand spray paint in three finishes, gloss, premium, and metallic.

The majority of states and cities have rules establishing a minimum age for purchasing spray paint to prevent graffiti and the associated health hazards. Customers must be at least 18 years old and display a valid ID in order to purchase spray paint from Dollar General.

What is a Spray Paint?

When it comes to painting surfaces, many people opt for the convenience of spray paint. Spray paint is an aerosol that is designed to dispense paint as a fine mist, making it a quick and easy way to achieve a uniform coat of paint.

Unlike traditional brush methods of painting, spray paint provides a faster and more efficient way to cover large areas. Many consumers are already familiar with self-contained spray cans that atomize paint using liquid gasses.

Industrial spray painting, on the other hand, utilizes specific air compressors to break the paint particles down into a fine mist.

Can I buy spray paint at Dollar General?

Yes, if you're looking for spray paint, you'll have to visit a Dollar General store in person. While this may be inconvenient for some, it does offer the benefit of being able to see the paint up close and choose the perfect color for your project. In addition, purchasing spray paint at Dollar General is usually cheaper than buying it from a dedicated arts and crafts store.

What Spray Paint is sold by Dollar General?

Miracal brand spray paint is available in three different finishes – gloss, premium, and metallic. Each type of paint is designed to provide a high-quality finish that will last. Whether you need to touch up a small area or cover a large surface, Miracal brand spray paint is the perfect choice. And because it's from Dollar General, you know you're getting a great value.

How much does spray paint cost at Dollar General?

At Dollar General, prices for a can of spray paint vary by location and product. The cost of various finishes is also different. However, you may get an idea of the typical costs for an 8oz. can of Miracal spray paint from this list:

  • Miracal Spray Paint, Gloss Black – $1.70
  • Miracal Premium Spray Paint, Brown – $3.85
  • Miracal Premium Spray Paint, Blue – $3.85
  • Miracal Premium Spray Paint, Clear, 9 oz. – $3.85
  • Miracal Spray Paint, Gloss White – $1.70
  • Miracal Premium Spray Paint, Red – $3.85
  • Miracal Premium Spray Paint, Green – $3.85
  • Miracal Metallic Spray Paint, Gold – $4.35
  • Miracal Metallic Spray Paint, Silver – $4.35

Does Dollar General Sell Rustoleum Paint?

Rustoleum is a popular brand of paint, known for its durability and high quality. While Dollar General does not sell Rustoleum paint, they do sell Miracal brand spray paint.

Miracal is a great alternative to Rustoleum, and it is also very affordable. So, if you are looking for a good quality paint at a great price, be sure to check out Miracal at your local Dollar General store.

What is the age requirement for purchasing Spray Paint? 

Most people think of spray paint as an inexpensive and easy way to add color to a project. However, spray paint can also be used for graffiti and tagging. In order to keep minors from participating in this sort of vandalism, most jurisdictions have regulations that require purchasers to be at least a certain age.

The minimum age for buying spray paint is typically 18 in the United States and Canada, although it varies by state or city. Individuals under the age of 18 may buy spray paint if accompanied by a parent or guardian in certain situations.

Many stores will demand that customers present identification before purchasing spray paint in order to enforce these laws. Graffiti and smoking have been linked, and by establishing a minimum age for purchasing spray paint, lawmakers hope to reduce both issues.

Is the Spray Paint Kept on the Shelves at Dollar General?

Although you may be able to find spray paint on the shelves at Dollar General, many states have laws requiring businesses to keep spray paint under lock and key.

If your state requires spray paint to be kept secure, you'll need to enlist the aid of a member of staff. Many jurisdictions also demand that businesses display signs in the spray paint sale area warning consumers not to use it for graffiti or to breathe it in.

The reason for these laws is that spray paint can be extremely harmful if misused. Inhaling the fumes can lead to dizziness, nausea, and even unconsciousness. And using spray paint for graffiti can damage property and lead to legal penalties. So if you’re thinking of buying spray paint at Dollar General, make sure you know your state’s laws first.


So, does Dollar General sell spray paint? The answer is yes! You can find Miracal brand spray paint in a variety of colors and finishes. Just be aware of your state's laws regarding the purchase and use of spray paint. And always use it responsibly!

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