Walmart Discount Card Benefits (2022 Facts)

What are the Walmart discount card benefits? The Walmart Discount Card is a great way for employees to save money on their everyday expenses. With a 10% discount on fresh food and general merchandise, the card can help employees stretch their paycheck a little bit further. The card can also be used to find discounts on travel, phone services, and entertainment.

For employees that have worked at Walmart for 20 years or more, the discount card can be used for a lifetime. This can be a great way to keep expenses low during retirement. Overall, the Walmart Discount Card is a valuable benefit for employees that can help to save money on everyday expenses.

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When will I receive my Walmart discount card?

After 90 days of employment at Walmart, you will be eligible to receive a Walmart Associate Discount Card. With this card, you'll be able to enjoy discounts on both in-store and online purchases.

To get your card, simply visit the Associate Discount Center and fill out an application. Once your application has been approved, you'll receive your card in the mail within 7-10 business days.

How to use Walmart discount card In-Store?  

Applying your Walmart Discount Card is easy, and can be done in-store or online. If you opt to use your card in-store, simply swipe it at the register. If you're an employee, you're also eligible for a 10% discount on regular priced electronics. Applying your discount online is just as easy. First, create a Walmart online account and register your card.

Once you've registered your card, you can start shopping online and apply your discount at checkout. No matter how you choose to use your card, you'll be sure to save big on your next Walmart purchase.

Do I have to activate my Walmart discount card?

When you first get your Walmart discount card, you might be wondering if you need to activate it in order to start using your employee discounts.

The answer is yes - in order to start using your discounts, you will need to register your card. Fortunately, this process is quick and easy. Simply log in to your Walmart account, input your WIN (Walmart Identification Number), and input your discount card number.

Your discount will automatically link to your account, and you can start using it right away. So next time you're shopping for supplies for your department, don't forget to use your employee discount.

Is it possible for family members to use my Walmart discount card?

Yes, you can share your card with your spouse and dependent children. Your legal spouse will be able to apply for a card using your Walmart online account. To be classed as an eligible dependent, your child will need to be 19 years old or younger and unmarried OR 22 years old and unmarried if they are still at college.

Having a dependent child will allow them to also use your card and receive the same benefits and discounts that you do. Being a part of a family can help save money in many ways and this is just one example of how Walmart gives back to its loyal customers.

What is the Walmart associate discount center?  

When you're a Walmart employee, you have access to the Associate Discount Center, an online portal where you can find discounts on everything from travel and fitness to entertainment and phone plans.

The best part is that these deals are negotiated by Walmart and are exclusive to Walmart employees, so you know you're getting the best possible deal. Whether you're looking for a new gym membership or a way to save on your next vacation, the Associate Discount Center is a great resource for Walmart employees. So check it out today and start saving!

Is it possible to use my Walmart discount card after quitting?

When you quit your job at Walmart, your employer will take your name and information off of the system. This means that your Walmart discount card will no longer work.

However, sometimes it may take a while for your employer to take you off the books. During this period, your card will still be registered, and you can therefore receive an employee discount.

So, if you use your Walmart discount card after quitting, you may still be able to get some discounts. However, once your employer takes you off the system, your card will no longer work.

Is it possible to get a Walmart Long-Term Service Discount Card?

Walmart's Long Term Service Discount Card is one of the many benefits that the world's largest retailer offers to its employees. The card gives eligible employees who have worked at Walmart for 20 consecutive years a lifetime discount on store purchases.

In addition, retirees who are over the age of 55 and have worked at Walmart for 15 years or more are also eligible for the discount. The Long Term Service Discount Card is just one of the many ways that Walmart shows its commitment to its employees.

By offering this discount, Walmart is able to retain its best workers and provide them with an additional incentive to stay with the company for the long term.


All in all, working at Walmart has a lot of advantages. The Associate Discount card is a great perk that can save employees a lot of money, and the longer you work at Walmart, the more discount you receive.

In addition, Walmart offers great benefits for their employees, including medical and dental coverage. So if you're looking for a stable job with good pay and benefits, Walmart is a great option. Thanks for reading!

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