Best Day To Apply For A Job (Online Or Offline)? Find Out Here

Want to know when the best day is to apply for a job? We’ve got the answer and it might simpler than you think. Whenever there’s a job opportunity posted online, there are over 30 candidates sending replies within the day. The demand for jobs is increasing. And that means HR departments are becoming busier.

For hiring managers, posting a job online can be a nightmare. It means they have to sift through hundreds of applications and try to decipher the 5-10 candidates who are going to process onto pre-screening interviews and then phone interviews. It can take a considerable amount of time for them to scour through the resumes and cover letters.

A simple trick is to try and get your resume and cover letter in front of them when no one else is. That way, you increase your odds of your resume and cover letter is seen. So how might you do that? Well, sending in your application at the most ideal day of the week might help. That day of the week is Monday.

It sounds simple, right? Send your resume into the interviewer on a Monday morning. But it works. The reason why this works is that Monday mornings are when all of us are most active on our email accounts. We usually get a few emails over the weekend or are trying to pick-up work where it left off on Friday afternoon.

Monday Is The Best Day

Yes, Monday. And Monday morning if you can. Most job listings are posted in the middle of the week. Between Tuesday and Thursday. So you may not be the first applicant. But that’s okay. Most of the initial applicants are going to be examined as equally as those who are sending in their application after a few days.

If you can, choosing Monday morning will ensure that you are top of the list in terms of most recent emails the hiring manager is receiving when they are most active on their email platform. The worst time to send your application is over the weekend. And this would make sense considering most other applicants are using free-time away from work to send their applications. Don’t follow them. Avoid sending on Saturdays and Sundays if possible.

What Is The Best Day To Apply To A Job In Person?

One of the best days to apply for a job in person is still Monday. Though, if you have the opportunity, be sure that you scout out the location and ensure that you are submitting your application during a time of the day when the manager isn't busy.

By doing this, you can submit your application during a time when the manager or HR manager might want to ask you a few questions on the spot. Which can give you a tremendous advantage to receiving a call to interview.

How Many Days After The Job Is Posted Should I Apply?

If you are wondering how many days after the job is posted should you wait to apply? The answer is that you shouldn't wait. Some of the earliest application submissions will be the ones that are viewed the most. But if you can time the application up with the best day of the week to apply, that's the best. For instance, if the job is posted on Friday, submit your application on Monday. Though, it doesn't hurt to apply as soon as you can.

What Months Do Companies Hire The Most?

Traditionally, companies would plan their hiring resources on an annual basis, meaning towards the first of the year they would post a significant number of jobs and you'd have the opportunity to make a transition in your career at that point. But, due to the job market changing dramatically over the past 20 years. Primarily in the sense that there is more frequent movement of employees between companies and positions, this has caused employers to constantly be evaluating their resources and footprint. Meaning, there isn't a special month where you have a better chance of getting employed any longer. It will be year-round!

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