Official Apple Employee Discount Information (2023 Facts)

What is the Apple employee discount? Apple is one of the most prolific tech companies in the world, and their employee discount is a great way to save on some of their latest products.

Apple offers a variety of discounts to its employees. These discounts are typically available to all employees, regardless of the length of employment or job title. Apple employee discounts can be used for personal and professional purchases and are often open to family members of employees as well.

You are eligible for a special employee discount on select Apple products and accessories as an Apple employee. This discount allows you to purchase Apple products at a discounted price, which can be a great way to save money on the latest technology.

apple employee discount

What is an Apple Employee Discount?

The primary perk of working at Apple is the Employee Purchase Program (EPP). The program offers employees and family members a significant discount on many Apple products. For example, employees can save up to $500 on a new Mac and $250 on a new iPad. Discounts are also available on AppleCare, software, and accessories.

Apple gives its employees a 25% annual discount on purchasing iPhones, Macs, IPad, and other accessories. Apple employees can also buy apple software at a 50% discount and app care at a 25% discount.

Apple offers family and friends discounts to their employees. Under this scheme, friends and family members of Apple employees can purchase products at a discount of up to 15%.

After every three years of service, every Apple employee is eligible for a $500 discount on a Mac and a $250 discount on iPhone, but the employee can avail of only one discount from these two.

apple employee discount

How to Use an Apple Employee Discount?

If you are an employee at Apple, you can take advantage of the employee discount by visiting the online Apple Store for Employees. To access the store, you must provide your employee ID and password. Once logged in, you can browse through the selection of products and apply the discount at checkout.

If you want to purchase a new Mac, you can save up to $500 by taking advantage of the employee discount. Add the Mac to your shopping cart to get this discount, and enter your employee ID at checkout. The discount will be applied to your purchase!

apple employee discount

How Do Apple Employee Discounts Work?

Apple employees receive a discount on most Apple products, including iPhones, iPods, Macs, and Beats headphones. The value ranges from 10% to 25% off the retail price, depending on the product. Employees must purchase the product from the Apple Store for Business to get the discount.

To receive the discount, employees must show their Apple employee ID card at the time of purchase. The value can also be applied to online orders from the Apple Store for Business. When ordering online, employees must use their Apple employee ID number as the promo code.

Apple employees can also purchase discounted AppleCare plans for their devices. The discount is typically 20% off the retail price of the program. AppleCare plans can be purchased from the Apple Store for Business or online. When ordering online, employees must use their Apple employee ID number as the promo code.

How to Get an Apple Employee Discount?

As an Apple employee, you are entitled to a discount on all products and services from the company. This includes discounts on iPhones, iPads, Macs, AppleCare, and more.

To get started, simply login to your account on the Apple website and browse the employee discount page.

You can add the desired items to your cart and checkout as usual. Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. If you have questions about getting started, simply contact Apple's customer service team for assistance.

Products Eligible for an Apple Employee Discount

All Apple products are eligible for the employee discount, except for a few select items. For example, the discount cannot be applied to gift cards, AppleCare+, or engraving.

Additionally, the discount may not be available on all colors and storage options for some products.

Some of the most popular products eligible for employee discounts include the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and more.

To see the complete list of products suitable for the discount, simply visit the online Apple Store for Employees and browse through the selection.


The Apple Employee Discount is a great way to save money on the latest Apple products. Employees can save up to $500 on Macs and $250 on iPads, and discounts are also available on AppleCare, software, and accessories.

To take advantage of the employee discount, simply visit the online Apple Store for Employees and browse through the selection of products. Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout.


Does Apple give third-party discounts to its employees?

Yes, Apple gives third-party discounts to its employees. iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and watches are included in third-party discounts.

Do Apple employees get friends and family discounts?

Yes, Apple employees get family and friends discounts.

Do apple's current and retired employees get a discount?

Both current and retired employees are eligible for the Apple Employee Discount.

Is there any discount on AppleTV for Apple employees?

Apple tech company employees can receive a discount on purchasing Apple TV. The discount is available through the Apple Employee Purchase Program and offers up to 10% off the device's retail price. This discount is available through the apple employee purchase program.

What conditions apply to the Apple Employee Discount?

  • The employee discount is only available to active or retired employees or a participating company.
  • The discount cannot be applied to refurbished products or previously purchased items.
  • The employee discount can only be used for personal use, not resale.
  • Apple reserves the right to terminate the discount at any time.

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