5+ Best Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

veterinary assistant interview questions

If you’re looking for veterinary assistant interview questions and answers, look no further. We’ve put together the absolute best list of interview questions to help you get prepared for your upcoming interview in the veterinarian industry.

5 Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is the first procedure to take place when an animal is coming in a for a checkup?

The first procedure that should be taken whenever any animal is visiting the office is to check their weight. The weight will determine if they are under or over where they should be and could help us determine the next steps we take in our checkup.

2. What should we recommend the client do during our checkup?

We should recommend food or eating habit changes, check any dental cleaning that might need to take place and then do a proper blood check. That would mean having us take a sample of their blood and sending it to a lab for testing to ensure all of the animal's vital organs are working properly.

3. How do we deal with K9 teeth cleaning?

K9 teeth cleaning is a basic procedure. Often times the animal is sedated so we need to be sure that the animal is healthy enough to be sedated. And then sometimes, in instances where decay is too heavy, remove teeth from the animal to prevent any additional harm.

4. What should we recommend to our clients with dogs during the summer months?

During the summer months it’s important that the animals all have their proper dosage of heartworm medication. This will help prevent heartworm from any mosquitos, ticks or other insects that might bite them.

5. How do you go above and beyond the job function?

It’s vital to remember that most animal lovers feel as though the animal is part of their family. So it’s not just an animal to our client. We need to treat the animal with respect and the patient with respect, as well.

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