5+ Best Activity Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

activity assistant interview questions

If you’re looking for activity assistant interview questions and answers, look no further. We’ve put together the absolute best list of interview questions to help you get prepared for your upcoming interview in the childcare industry.

5 Activity Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is the role of the activity assistant?

The role of the activity assistant is to help design programs of actives for groups of people. These people can range from elder people in nursing homes. To children attending camps. Or school systems looking for activity program development. The ideal activity assistant is able to help design programs of activities that consider the age groups, gender, and motivations of those who are in attendance.

2. How would you plan water activities for young children?

Planning water activities require permission by parents, first. And then depending on the children, an understanding of who has restrictions in water, like the inability to swim. Once that is checked, we can design either on-land water activities or activities where the children may have the opportunity to be in water that is a few feet deep. The important part is that we’re understanding our boundaries before we begin.

3. How would you plan water activities for elderly people?

Planning water activities for those who are elderly is fun. Though, it does require a check to ensure that everyone is healthy and able. The best water activities for elders are ones that increase their mobility but are able to rely on the water to help with joint pain. This could mean synchronized swimming classes, water dancing and much more.

4. How would you design a program for socialization?

Getting others to socialize is a tough task. Most group activities require us to socialize. But the important part of this process is that we force the notion that partners are chosen at random or groups are chosen at random. And then ensuring that the activity engages the groups against one another in a competition. This will bring together the social aspect of the activity.

5. What are some ways you can go above and beyond in your role?

The best way to go above and beyond is to truly understand who is it that we’re designing activities for. Being able to get to know some of the people on a personal level will help design programs of activities which enable all areas of interest from those who are attending.

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