5+ Best Guidance Counselor Interview Questions & Answers

If you are looking for guidance counselor interview questions, look no further. We’ve compiled the absolute best interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your upcoming interview in the education industry.

Guidance counselors are a key role inside youth school systems, helping to support the growth and development of young adults who are planning their lives and careers.

5 Guidance Counselor Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is a good guidance counselor to you?

A good guidance counselor is someone who listens and hears what a student is looking for. Sometimes, it’s not what they say but what they do. And it’s important that the counselor is truly listening to all aspects of that student's life. Even down to what they’re particularly good at and how that can be used as a tool. It’s important to develop a personal connection.

2. What would you do if a student felt as though they didn’t want to go to college?

If the student felt as though college wasn’t a good option for them, it’s important that they know why. Asking the reasoning for not wanting to attend a university would be step one. Then step two would be asking them what their plan would be otherwise. If the plan sounds legitimate, I might support their decision. If it doesn’t, I might act as a sounding board to what effects not attending university might have.

3. How would you motivate a student?

Motivation can be made by showing a student that the things they enjoy doing, the passions that they have, can be used as a tool in life. For example, if they truly enjoyed working with computers, this is a career opportunity. Making those connections can be highly motivating.

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4. What would you do if a student showed signs of depression?

If a student showed signs of depression it’s important to connect with the parents and speak with them privately. It’s vital that we don’t share where the parents received the insight, as we don’t want the student to shy away from guidance counseling. But it’s important that the parents are aware.

5. What else makes you go above and beyond in your role?

Being able to plan a career path along with a student, plan a choice of university options, plus plan the best course of action for major and minor degrees while they attend the university. These are difficult decisions to make for an 18-year-old. Having the skill set to be able to help them with this is incredibly beneficial.

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