5+ Best EMT Interview Questions & Answers

emt interview questions

If you are looking for EMT interview questions, look no further. We’ve compiled the absolute best interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your upcoming interview in the medical field.

EMT’s often times work within the fire fighting department within a city or village. EMT’s are the first responders whenever a 911 event is called on behalf of those village citizens.

5 EMT Interview Questions & Answers

1. How would you handle crowds of people around someone you are trying to deal with?

Dealing with crowds of people around someone you are trying to treat is a fairly common issue. The first thing we need to do is communicate with the local police who showed up on the emergency call and ask them to create a barrier around the person who are trying to treat. The second thing we need to do is ensure that we clearly communicate to the crowds that we need some space to work.

2. How would you handle someone who is showing signs of drug use?

The first thing we need to do whenever we are seeing someone who has signs of drug use is bring them into the emergency vehicle. We want to create a quiet, closed area where we can try to understand what type of drug they may be on. We should question the patient we are trying to treat to see if they will tell us. Then comply with local laws by either reporting the potential drug use we’re seeing or simply treating the drug use and not reporting it. It varies depending on the city and state.

3. How would you work alongside the police officers on the scene you are involved in?

Police officers usually show onto the scene for any emergency call that is made. We should be communicating with police officers to try and understand the scene and understand where we can be most beneficial. If the police officers arrived early we may be able to determine better treatment based on what information they provide us.

4. What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is drug that is administered to reverse the signs of heroin or opioid pain killers potentially. For the most part, Naloxone reverses the effects of nearly all opioid drugs including fentanyl, which is an increasingly popular street drug.

5. How would you go above and beyond in your job?

Being a great EMT means having patience and understanding the job required by all of those who show onto emergency calls. That means the fire, police and other EMT’s. We need to work together and as a unit. The more we communicate with each other, the better we can work the call and clear the situation.

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