A Review of Marfa Modern by Helen Thompson

A Review of Marfa Modern by Helen Thompson

There are certain books that give me emotional responses. I think it is because of my own personal experiences and how that's intertwined into my personal life. But I'd like to think that others have shared similar experiences. Maybe you've visited the deserts of California. Or maybe you've been to West Texas where it's quite flat and open in an eerie way. If you have, or maybe if you want to feel those things, then this book is for you. Photography books are always great ways to place your mental psyche into a visual journey. But Marfa Modern does a particularly fantastic job of not only providing the visual portrayal of the design and architecture but also the setting.

I initially found this book while visiting Austin, TX. I was sitting at San Jose Hotel, which has an incredible selection of goods, by the way. I was sipping a froze and then decided to gander at the books section. This immediately caught my eye and I had to take it with me to the table. They obliged, of course, seeing as they were such a kind group of employee's.

Skimming through it was quite easy to see that I was going to go home and buy this book. It might not be one you reference all too often for something in particular. But its one of those coffee table books that you know you've got to have. Just simply for the collection of it. And for me, that's the purpose it served.

I would rate this book a cool 7.8 out of 10. Its perfect for a coffee table to give you that explorer vibe. And also for your friends to skim through while you serve them cocktails.

author: patrick algrim
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