5+ Best Sous Chef Interview Questions & Answers

If you are looking for sous chef interview questions, look no further. We’ve compiled the absolute best interview questions and answers to help you prepare for your upcoming interview in the hospitality field.

Sous chefs are those that work below the main chef or cook inside a higher-end restaurant. Sous chefs are there to assist in the general operations of the kitchen. That includes helping with preparation, planning, coordination, scheduling, and anything else that the chef may require assistance with.

5 Sous Chef Interview Questions & Answers

1. How do you deal with hygiene in the workplace?

Hygiene in the workplace is very important. For the most part, a clean workspace is also a workspace where delicious food can be created. They go hand in hand. All countertops should be wiped down and sanitized as frequently as possible. Gloves, usually latex, can be worn when handling meat or fish. Aprons should be worn at all times too.

2. During work hours what should everyone refer to the main chef as?

It’s important that during work hours you refer to the chef as “chef”. This is because it shows respect to the process and also ensures that when the chef is speaking to you and that you are speaking back, it is clear it is for that person. There can be many people in the kitchen.

3. Should the menu’s be adjusted based on seasonality?

Absolutely. Seasonality is a truly important part of delivering an absolutely amazing dining experience. For example, watermelon is not a fruit which can be found all year long. But when it is in season, it can be used in a variety of ways. Additionally, it’s not a flavor most people prefer to taste in the wintertime.

4. How would we handle food regulation appearing at the restaurant?

The best thing we can do is accommodate their every question and try to expedite the process. If for some reason they find the kitchen area to be unsanitary, we could be forced to shut down for a temporary amount of time. This can be detrimental. We want to prevent that at all costs.

5. How would you go above and beyond for the chef?

It’s important that I learn the chefs cooking habits and satisfaction needs. Not every chef is the same. I need to be mindful of his/her preferences and try to predict them in advance and be prepared.

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