Top Chicago Instagram Captions to Use (2022)

Chicago Instagram captions can make or break a photo. Whether you're posting a story or posting an image, you'll need a good caption to go along with the story you're trying to tell your friends and family.

If you're stuck and looking for a new Instagram caption, try the list of ideas included in the article below.

Chicago instagram captions

The Best Chicago Instagram Captions

  • I hear Chicago calling and I have to go!
  • You may say goodbye to Chicago, but it will always say hello to you.
  • You can get stuck in a Chicago loop
  • There is a fine place across the rainbow, and it is called Chicago.
  • Chicago is the place for fun, friends, food and all the great things in life!
  • There's a place in my heart for Chicago.
  • Chicago shines in the day and at night.
  • Chicago can blow you away.

The Best Short Chicago Instagram Captions

  • Chicago has you dreaming or screaming!
  • You look good, Chicago.
  • Chicago nights with bright lights.
  • On the town in Chicago.
  • Chicago, the place of memories.
  • Chicago's skylines are fine.
  • Chi invites everyone on earth.
  • Chicago may be windy, but we love it.

Funny Chicago Instagram Captions

  • Everyone loves Chi, except maybe in January!
  • Chicago is cold and snowy, but worth getting frozen in.
  • Being in love with Chicago is being in love with skyscrapers.
  • Walk down Michigan Avenue, you'll be off cabs for life!
  • The wind is so strong in Chicago, it can blow your head off!

Beautiful Chicago Instagram Captions

  • Your heart may beat slow or fast, but in Chicago, it beats in a different way.
  • Chicago is a town where you feel free.
  • "Chicago" is a word full of magic.
  • The word "Chicago" is music to my ears!
  • Chicago has its unique style, like no other place on earth.
  • A place like Chicago is like a drug - you can get addicted and fast.
  • Wild, yet beautiful - that's Chicago!
  • Chicago spells wild days and wilder nights.
  • Chicago is a place of cosmopolitan community living.
  • Chicago is the most American city you can get!

Inspirational Chicago Instagram Captions

  • New York may be talk, Hollywood may be hype, Chicago is just right.
  • Chicago is a novelty in more ways than one.
  • The place of music and musicals - Chicago is timeless.
  • People would give an arm and a leg to be poor in Chicago than rich anywhere else.
  • Everything about life is what Chicago is all about.
  • Chicago is colorful, yet sublime, gawdy, yet serene.
  • At every street in Chicago, you find a different city.
  • Chicago will make you cry - if you think you will never go back!

The Musical "Chicago" Instagram Captions

  • Chicago has been called a "phony celebrity" which could be forgotten in no time.
  • Chicago and showbiz go together.
  • In Chicago, you may love how you are living, or you may live for the life you love.
  • If you are a celebrity in Chicago, people will recognize every part of you - your nose, your hair, your teeth.

Movie-related Chicago Instagram Captions

  • In Chicago, there's a distinct stench.
  • Cops think that Chicago will fall apart without them!
  • Use the ways of Chicago to get to Al Capone!
  • Producers want to do all their movies in Chicago.
  • Chicago is ready for you.

Puns in Chicago Instagram Captions

  • The Chicago weather can blow your mind!
  • You get mixed feelings in Chicago - they come and go like the wind.
  • Four different seasons in 24 hours - that is Chicago!
  • Chicago can have a "pier pressure" effect on you.
  • I "lake" Chicago a lot!

How to pick a good Instagram caption

Here's how to pick the best Instagram caption for your post:

  1. Consider the setting. A great caption is going to cause a visceral reaction to your viewer. This is a type of emotional response. Typically, it will be a positive response. For example, a shiver is a visceral response.
  2. Choose something that matches you. When picking a caption, make sure that you're choosing a caption that matches your overall profile theme. Having a consistent message or tone to your posts will help to grow your following.
  3. Keep it short. A short and sweet caption is going to have a longer impact than a long story. Extremely long captions for Instagram are only great for those who want to tell a deep story and increase their engagement. Generally, the shorter the caption, the better. For example, a short quote is going to perform better than a 500-word caption.

Popular captions

Other popular caption lists to get ideas for your photographs:

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