Top Vacation Instagram Captions to Use (2022)

Vacation Instagram captions can make or break a photo. Whether you're posting a story or posting an image, you'll need a good caption to go along with the story you're trying to tell your friends and family.

If you're stuck and looking for a new Instagram caption, try the list of ideas included in the article below.

vacation instagram captions

Cute Vacation Instagram Captions

  • Adventure awaits! Here we go.
  • On my vacay mode!
  • In and out of sleep and office.
  • This trip has me eating all the way through.
  • Another awesome day in our paradise.
  • Feet? tired! My Heart? happy.
  • Catch flights not feelings.
  • Takeoff in 3,2,1...
  • Time for our sweet escape.
  • Wanderlust!
  • Back on the road again.
  • No Bad vibes! Only high tides and nice vibes.
  • Back in touch with nature again.
  • This view is what a serene beauty looks like.
  • Work? Out of sight! Out of mind.
  • Define emotional baggage? Coming back home from a vacation and unpacking your suitcase.

Destination Specific Vacation Instagram Captions

  • Paris! here we come.
  • I louvre Paris.
  • Hawaii, we've got our pinacolada and hats on.
  • Always nice to be back to the down Under. Australia!
  • Ready to witness the rocky and sandy beaches of Hawaii.
  • Beverly Hills, I'm ready to shop till I drop.
  • Italy, your pizza chains have blessed our taste buds.
  • Just saw my first ever broadway show, It was maginficent.
  • The City of Angels has embraced me with open arms. There's no place like LA.
  • Finally, here in the city that never sleeps! NEW YORK!
  • New York is without a doubt a concrete jungle.
  • The wurst decision was to leave Berlin.
  • Tokyo has blessed my eyes.
  • Korea truly is the land of divine street foods.
  • Czech out these pictures.
  • I am California dreaming.
  • Busy Rome-ing Italy.
  • Why don't you Czech this out?
  • Eiffel a lot of love for France lately, and I don't intend to leave anytime soon.
  • The current time in London is Pub 'O' clock.

Fun Vacation Instagram Captions

  • Bon Voyage!
  • I'm currently on Island time.
  • Where's Captain Jack Sparrow?
  • A much needed vacation.
  • Happiness for me is a long vacation.
  • Busy collecting passport stamps.
  • Tired of running on eggshells. Now, I'm busy running on sunshine.
  • Too busy to use the phone.
  • I'm flying wherever the Wi-Fi connection is weak.
  • When everything falls and fails, take a vacation.
  • My current to-do list is nothing.
  • Here to soak up the sun!
  • You should always say 'Okay' to Vacay.
  • Life is short so vacation more.
  • Here's the ultimate vacation selfie.

Feel Good Vacation Instagram Captions

  • Sea you very soon!
  • We just want some sun and cocktails.
  • Let's activate our vacation mode.
  • It's all about the Amster-gram.
  • Out here soaking up some vitamin sea.
  • It's actually rude to keep your vacation on pause.
  • A vacation a few months keeps the doctor away.
  • When you are on a vacation, calories don't matter.
  • Vacation? Shore thing!
  • There's nothing but sunshine and breeze on my mind lately.
  • The hardest climbs always give the best views.
  • Climbing my way on top to better and bigger things.
  • I always believe in taking the scenic route.
  • Beach more and worry less.
  • Do you know what you should do on the board? Tans, tans, and tans.
  • I need a vacation that makes me forget all my emails and passwords.
  • Keep calm! my travel mode is on.

How to pick a good Instagram caption

Here's how to pick the best Instagram caption for your post:

  1. Consider the setting. A great caption is going to cause a visceral reaction to your viewer. This is a type of emotional response. Typically, it will be a positive response. For example, a shiver is a visceral response.
  2. Choose something that matches you. When picking a caption, make sure that you're choosing a caption that matches your overall profile theme. Having a consistent message or tone to your posts will help to grow your following.
  3. Keep it short. A short and sweet caption is going to have a longer impact than a long story. Extremely long captions for Instagram are only great for those who want to tell a deep story and increase their engagement. Generally, the shorter the caption, the better. For example, a short quote is going to perform better than a 500-word caption.

Popular captions

Other popular caption lists to get ideas for your photographs:

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