Top Dog Instagram Captions to Use (2022)

Short dog Instagram captions can make or break a photo. Whether you're posting a story or posting an image, you'll need a good caption to go along with the story you're trying to tell your friends and family.

If you're stuck and looking for a new Instagram caption, try the list of ideas included in the article below.

dog instagram captions

Cutest short dog captions for Instagram

  • My fur-st love!
  • Cuteness overload!
  • Life’s a little ruff.
  • Love: A four-letter, four-legged word.
  • VIP: Very important pup.
  • Woof you so much.
  • A friendship fur real.
  • Live, play, woof!
  • Crazy lazy dog!
  • More wag, less bark!
  • Keep calm, wag on!
  • My favorite therapist has four legs.
  • Mutts about dogs.
  • What the pug?
  • Dog hair is my favorite accessory.
  • Howl you doing?
  • So fur-ocious!
  • Energy saving mode on!
  • Dog hair is better than glitter.
  • You had me at woof!
  • Bad to the bone.
  • Pawty for 2
  • No fear, only pawfection!
  • Happiness = A puppy
  • It’s forever love
  • Play mode Off, Nap mode ON!
  • Bone Appétit!
  • You make my heart melt.
  • Love at first woof!
  • Dog kisses, the best therapy.
  • Stay pawsitive.
  • Having a ball!
  • Follow the pawprints to find true love.
  • All adventure, no time to get bored.
  • Excellence and pawfection in one bundle.
  • Oh, paw-lease.
  • My only paw-tner!
  • Do you love this Bark-B-Q
  • The cutest heart dog-tor.
  • The paw-ty is right here!
  • Hot dog alert!
  • Attention! Hot dogs are guarding this house.
  • Stinkin’ cute!
  • Don’t underestimate the paw power.
  • Me and you and the dog named …(name of your dog)……
  • Always ready to paw-ty!
  • Are you fur real?
  • Never chasing dreams, only squirrels.
  • My best buddy fur-ever!
  • My dog’s my best catch.
  • My BFF spot is already taken!

Best short dog captions for Instagram

  • Everything is paw-sible with my dog.
  • Wet nose, and wagging tale, that’s the best story.
  • Heaven without dogs would be so boring.
  • Not a lazy doggo, just saving energy!
  • My dog is smarter than all dogs.
  • Beware, this dog will steal your heart.
  • First my heart, then my couch, next my bed, this dog stole it all!
  • My dog = Adorable, awesome, adaptable, and absolutely amazing!
  • Who rescued who?
  • Getting pawsitive vibes only!
  • Traveling with a dog makes every journey better.
  • Anything is pawsible with my dog.
  • A dog kiss can fix everything.
  • Ever ready fur some pawsome adventure.
  • Life is short. Spoil your dog.
  • Cute, cuddly, curious, chivalrous, that’s my dog!
  • A wagging tail can miraculously change the mood.
  • The instant happiness mantra = DOG
  • Sorry, work! You have to wait. My dog’s being adorable again.
  • Easiest to please. All smiles with just belly rubs! 
  • My motto, Love, Play, Bark, Rest, Repeat
  • Cuteness rating 100/10.
  • My dog’s a branch manager.
  • Not begging, just looking.
  • Happiness is being covered in dog hair. 
  • It’s always a good time for treats.
  • Raise the woof!
  • My dog doesn’t bark. It’s a hush puppy.
  • If you love a dog, show it!
  • I woof to have you around. 
  • It’s the calm before the storm.
  • 100% charged anytime! 
  • Paw-fection, that’s what my dog is.
  • Instant charging mode On!
  • Having a good fur day.
  • No hoomans allowed on the bed.
  • This is my hooman.
  • It’s a pup’s world.
  • I follow those who feed me.
  • Sloppy, wet kisses are the best!
  • Wish for it, get it, love it.

Pawfect short dog captions for Instagram

  • It’s a pug’s life.
  • My favorite? Pupperoni pizza.
  • I labradore you!
  • A diamond in the ruff.
  • Going through a rough pooch! 
  • My dog's colling me!
  • Favorite job - jumping in the poodle!
  • Pug-got what a clean house looks like!
  • See you in the barking lot.
  • Pawting hard, sleeping harder!
  • Paw-sitively fur-fect in every way!
  • Attention paw-lease!
  • If not treats, at-leashed give me some belly rubs.
  •  Labracadabra! Mood boosted.
  • He/she has the cor-key to my heart.
  • My pup-star!
  • It’s the ulti-mutt friendship.
  • It’s a fur-bulous friendship. 
  • My pawsome therapist!
  • So fur-ocious yet so fur-bulous!
  • Simply mind-beagle-ing
  • Bottoms pup!
  • I deserve a round of appaws.
  • Whining and dining.
  • Pawfection is attainable!
  • In love with pup-corn.
  • Aw! You paw thing!
  • Whelp! You are a good hooman.
  • The reign of Terrier!
  • Happy howlidays!
  • EmBARKING on a new journey.

How to pick a good Instagram caption

Here's how to pick the best Instagram caption for your post:

  1. Consider the setting. A great caption is going to cause a visceral reaction to your viewer. This is a type of emotional response. Typically, it will be a positive response. For example, a shiver is a visceral response.
  2. Choose something that matches you. When picking a caption, make sure that you're choosing a caption that matches your overall profile theme. Having a consistent message or tone to your posts will help to grow your following.
  3. Keep it short. A short and sweet caption is going to have a longer impact than a long story. Extremely long captions for Instagram are only great for those who want to tell a deep story and increase their engagement. Generally, the shorter the caption, the better. For example, a short quote is going to perform better than a 500-word caption.

Popular captions

Other popular caption lists to get ideas for your photographs:

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