5+ Best Assistant Manager Interview Questions & Answers

assistant manager interview questions

If you are looking for the absolute best assistant manager interview questions and answers, look no further. Our team has compiled the absolute best interview questions and answers to help you with upcoming interviews in the management space.

Assistant managers are a vital part of the management organization. Usually found in a retail setting, assistant managers help the store with its operations. That means employment decisions, inventory, sales, customer service and much more. Assistant managers are often the assistant to the manager in whichever setting they are found.

What’s Asked In Assistant Manager Interviews

Interview questions that will often appear in assistant manager interviews will be ones related to business operations. That means there will be a wide variety of questions related to what happens in employment disputes to how you might hire an employee or fire one. Then additional questions will be asked regarding the ability to track sales and keep reporting organized. Expect that all types of operational questions will be asked.

5 Best Assistant Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. How would you handle an employee dispute?

If there’s a dispute between two employee’s it needs to be brought up to either me or the manager. From there we can confront the two employees about the dispute and ensure that is filed with HR or with our corporate departments. This is so that we can ensure that there is a record of the dispute, how it was handled and when it was handled.

2. How would you terminate an employee?

Going through the termination process is never easy. Generally speaking, the termination process should be quick and one that doesn’t allow for any additional communication to unfold that doesn’t need to. For example, confronting an employee and saying this will be their last two-weeks as we’re unhappy with their performance, is a simple way to ensure the conversation doesn’t last long.

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3. How would you track store sales?

Stores will usually have POS terminals or some other type of sales tracking systems. These reports need to be pulled on a regular basis and stored with our corporate computers. After pulling reporting we need to ensure that we’re looking at our P&L to be sure that we’re turning a profit each month and reporting that to our owners or corporate headquarters.

4. What are some ways you would help the manager?

Assisting the manager should be a process of empathy. Meaning, if he/she requests something, I should be there to help. If it’s something related to customer service, then I’m there to help. If it’s another need, I’m here to help.

5. What other responsibilities should you be taking on?

I should be taking on responsibilities of team management, customer service, sales, general operations, hygiene within the stores and much more. If there a missing area of focus at that time, I should be placing my emphasis on trying to raise the bar within that zone.

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