5+ Best Bank Teller Interview Questions & Answers

bank teller interview questions

If you’re looking for bank teller interview questions and answers, look no further. Our team has spent considerable time putting together the absolute best interview questions and answers for those who are looking to get hired in the finance industry as a personal banker.

The position of a bank teller is becoming more competitive as the availability for these roles is becoming rarer. This is because financial institutions are deciding to go “branchless”. This is similar to institutions like Fidelity, which have branches but are primarily interacting with customers through online portals and iOS applications. This means bank tellers are not needed as much as they once were. While that doesn’t mean this is a bad job to go ahead and forge forward on, it means you may have to sincerely impress the manager you are interviewing with as there may be a high degree of competition over the role you are looking to get hired for.

What Is Going To Get Covered In A Bank Teller Interview

Bank teller interviews are going to be about the knowledge you have about the institution or company. The ethics that you have as a potential employee (because you’ll be dealing with real money). As well as the ways that you interact with customers since this is going to be a heavy customer service role. Those who are still visiting branches are looking for the tailored customer experience that digital applications and 1-800 phone calls cannot offer them. Meaning, it will be a high priority for the interviewer to ask you how you’d handle customer service.

You should prepare yourself by being familiar with what financial products that institution provides and what features of those products you appreciate the most. Additionally, if you have previous bank teller experience, you’ll want to come with your resume and letter of recommendation that you might have received from your previous employment.

5 Best Bank Teller Interview Questions & Answers

1. What would you do if you saw someone stealing?

The first thing I would do is immediately report it to the branch manager. If someone is stealing, it will become immediately knowledgable that evening once the registers/tills are checked. So it doesn’t make sense to wait. I would alert the branch manager right away and we should handle the situation together.

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2. How would you handle a robbery situation?

It’s important to stay calm in these situations and ensure that you follow the instructions of the robber. We don’t want to risk the lives of those who might be inside the branch at the time. The lives of those who are present are more important than the money inside the drawers. We need to follow all bank protocols for this situation, both before and after the event has occurred.

3. What financial products of ours do you use?

My favorite financial products are the debit accounts, primarily the savings accounts. [You should list features that you are familiar with]. I’m a big proponent of saving, even though it can be difficult at times. The products here make the process easier, which I’m very appreciative of.

4. How would you ensure customer service is always the number one priority?

Let’s say that there’s a line to speak with a teller. The first thing I would do is ensure that before the next customer steps up to the line that I announce we are working quickly to get everyone through the line as fast as possible and that we appreciate their patience. And then greet each customer and spend the appropriate amount of time with them on their needs. We simply want to be attentive. Being attentive can go a considerably long way.

5. What are some things bank tellers should not do?

Bank tellers should not be making financial decisions such as issuing mortgages or doing calculations regarding a customer's loan needs. All things related to loans or broader financial decisions should be redirected to a personal banker who can help someone handle that more specifically. They will be able to take more time with that customer and run the reporting, execution and general needs that a person has.

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