5+ Best Mechanic Interview Questions & Answers

mechanic interview questions

If you are looking for mechanic interview questions and answers, look no further. We’ve compiled the absolute best-in-class interview questions to help you prepare for your upcoming interview in the maintenance and automotive space.

Mechanics are still highly sought after job function. Computers, software, and machines haven’t had much of an impact on the job function, much like other industries. Because of this, being a mechanic is a wonderful way to enter the workforce without the need of a bachelors degree. Simple training through UTI or some other trade school will allow you to get a wonderful job as a mechanic.

5 Best Mechanic Interview Questions & Answers

1. Where is an automotive air filter usually located?

The automotive air filter is usually located on either the top left or top right side of the engine. This is because it is collecting air to filter into the engine. It is usually covered and has a filter located right underneath the cover.

2. When a customer asks for a tire rotation, what does this mean?

This means turning the wheels and tires to the opposite side of the vehicle they once were on. Vehicles have all sorts of traffic patterns and suspension calibrations which may lean on the wheel or tire in a specific way. Rotating them allows for the tires to get even distribution of tread.

3. Why are oil changes important?

Oil changes are important to a vehicle because they provide the vehicle the opportunity to stay lubricated. This allows for better gas usage as well as better engine performance. Oil changes have changed over the years, meaning you can go up to 5k or 10k miles before you need another.

4. How do you perform diagnostics on a vehicle?

On most modern vehicles, diagnostics is performed by hooking a special computer up to the vehicle. It then runs a series of tests to see where parts of the vehicle might be underperforming due to the driver's behaviors and traffic habits. This can’t be done with a regular computer.

5. What other functions are important to the mechanic role?

The best thing we can do is be honest. Honesty goes a long way as a mechanic. If we feel the vehicle truly needs to have it’s brakes and rotors fixed, telling the customer that. But if we don’t feel like it needs to be done, we should bring it up but not force the customer.

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