5+ Best Operations Manager Interview Questions & Answers

If you are looking for operations manager interview questions and answers, look no further. We’ve compiled the absolute best-in-class interview questions to help you prepare for your upcoming interview in the operations and efficiency industry.

Operations managers are people who analyze the efficiency of warehouse operations. This is usually the process of, for example, shipping and receiving. When it’s a large warehouse, an operations manager is going to be present to help ensure that everything is running smoothly, there are no incidents and that anything that seems to be a prohibition for the employees is taken care of.

5 Best Operations Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. How do you spot employee inefficiencies?

Employee inefficiencies can be seen only after analyzing and spending time looking for visual queues. These are things such as a package being dropped or some type of friction being made in between handoffs. These are moments where you can see some type of difficulty in between transitions. Those should be recorded so that they can be analyzed more in-depth later on.

2. How is time a factor when you analyze processes?

Time is a big factor but not the only factor. For example, time could tell us that something is not working correctly. And it doesn’t have to be part of that process that we’re currently timing. If for example, the three processes before an employee receives their function as part of the shipping role is long, that will make their job all the more stressful. Meaning, time can help us identify parts of the overall process that aren’t working well.

3. How would you define “quality” within the operation?

Quality would be the amount of production that’s happening in a given day and then a reduced number of errors that are occurring in that day as well. For example, in a shipping and receiving department, it would be the number of packages sent and a reduction in packages that were dropped.

4. What type of recording or reporting should you be taking?

Notes should be taken at all times and then put back into our recording software. Sometimes companies appreciate simple spreadsheets. Which is fine. We can also use complicated engineering tools to help us define better workflows and program changes that we want to make in warehouses or additional hardware or machinery that we might need. Recording everything is vital.

5. What other ways can you go above and beyond as an operations manager?

Notes about employee performance can always be helpful to management. We can also ensure that the environment is safe at all times and if we’re seeing something that could be changed to create a safer work environment, bring that up to management. A safer work environment creates less risk on the business and reduces our potential insurance claims.

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