Applying To Multiple Jobs At The Same Company? Think Again!

Thinking about applying to multiple jobs at the same company? Before you do that, you should read this guide. It’s not always the best of ideas to apply to multiple positions at the same company and we’re going to dig into why. And then what you can do to increase your chances of employment.

Let’s go ahead and jump right in.

Is It A Good Idea To Apply For Multiple Jobs At Once

If you are trying to get employment, applying to multiple jobs at once is absolutely required. But ideally, you are applying to multiple jobs at various companies, not the same company. You’ll need to apply to at least 20 targeted companies (targeted meaning you are a perfect fit for the role) in order to move into the phone interview and on-site interview stages.

So if your question is, “Is it a good idea to apply for multiple jobs at once?” The answer is, YES. It is a great idea.

Is It Bad To Apply To Multiple Jobs At The Same Company

Yes. It is not a good idea. The reason why is because job functions are often hired based on specialty. For example, if you have 10 years of experience as a Product Manager, the Product Manager job function is the only one you should be applying for.

If you feel as though you want to make a career change, that’s a whole other process. And the way to do that is not to apply to multiple jobs at the same company but to start applying to the job that you do want and attempting to push that forward using follow-up emails and frequent communication.

What Is The Ideal Way To Increase My Chances of Employment

In order to increase your chances of employment, it’s better to focus on a smaller list of companies that you have more knowledge about. Meaning, you are feeling as though you have a better grasp of what they offer as a company and how you can be a valuable addition to the company. If you feel confident that you’ve identified companies that could benefit from the skill sets that you have, be sure you are spending the time to follow up after your application and attempt to push forward the process with the HR team or team leader that you are applying for (IE: marketing, sales, operations, etc.)

You’ll increase your chances of employment by doing this simply because there will be a more mutual alignment of the needs. And this will make you more confident on the interviews you attend. Making you seem more comfortable in the job function and making you a top 10% candidate, inherently.

Can I Apply For The Same Job Twice?

This question comes up often, “Can I apply for the same job twice?” The answer is, yes. Is it at the same company? Or is it at a different company? If it’s at a different company, of course, you should be applying for the same job twice. In fact, you should be applying for the same job more than twice.

But most frequently, this question comes up with regard to applying to the same job twice at the *same* company. With that, it’s important to be realistic about the chances of that second application moving forward. For example, you applied for the position the first time, why didn’t it proceed to the phone interview stage? Most likely it was because the company felt as though you weren’t an ideal candidate. When applying for the position a second time, you’ll have to be sure you are trying to go the distance in terms of making the argument that you are a fit for the role.

The way to go the distance would be to:

  • Send the HR team a message on LinkedIn providing bullet points on why you’re a fit for the job
  • Send the HR team an email mentioning why you firmly believe in the companies values and why you absolutely need to work there
  • Asking the team (once you’ve received a reply from them by email) what you can provide to help them make a better hiring decision

Is It Bad To Reapply For A Job?

Should you reapply for a job if you didn’t get it the first time? You absolutely can. But you most likely won’t get the job. This should be in the bottom 30% of your focus of time when trying to get employment. And when you reapply you probably shouldn’t be going through the corporate career portal for that company. Ideally, you’ve spoken to someone on the HR team and you can follow up with them by email and ask them if you can reapply for the position. In some circumstances, this could make you seem very dedicated to working at the company and something special could happen.

How soon Can I Reapply For A Job?

Did you hear something back? Did you not hear anything back about your application? Knowing when you should reapply for a job all depends on this. If for example, you didn’t hear anything back about your application. Then you shouldn’t reapply for the position but instead, follow up by email about your application status. And you can do this within the first 5-7 days of applying for the job.

Let’s say the circumstance is that you applied for an open position at the company and you noticed the job hasn’t been taken down from the career portal. So you’re wondering, “did they hire someone or not?” In that case, you can absolutely try reaching out to the HR team through LinkedIn or by email to check on the status of the position. If they mention that it’s still open, at that point, reapply.

The last circumstance would be if you haven’t heard anything about your application, you followed up by email and still didn’t hear anything from the team. What do you do then? In that case, you can absolutely reapply through the career portal. You should wait at least one week to two weeks before you do this, though. In this instance, you are attempting to help the HR team see your resume. Though, some career portals will stop you from submitting twice, so you may have to find the email address of the team who is hiring and attempt to reach out to them directly. As long as you keep your communication professional, it will be well received. Don’t try to pressure the team to read your resume. Simply mention, “I applied through the corporate career portal but I wasn’t sure if your team saw my resume. I’d love a chance to speak with you and the rest of the team regarding the open position”

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