Best Thank You Emails for After a Phone Interview

thank you email after phone interview

Did you just have a phone interview? Thought it went well? Now thinking you should send a thank you email after it? You should! And we’re going to walk you through everything you need to do to send a proper thank you email after your phone interview.

Thank you emails are a professional courtesy. They’re also a great way to show someone that you’re genuinely interested in the position that you discussed as well as interested in the company that you spoke on behalf of.

If you think that employers aren’t asking themselves if you are genuinely interested in the position after speaking with you on the phone, then you’re wrong. The interviewer or team leader who might have spoken with you is still going to want to know, “Is this person interested in moving forward?”

A thank you email will help to ensure the interviewer knows that. By not sending one, you could be indirectly communicating that you aren’t interested in the position.

Should I Send A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview?

Yes. You should absolutely send a thank you email after your phone interview, with no debate. By not sending one you could cause the interviewer to do a couple of things. The first would be to forget that you both had a phone interview. By them forgetting you had a phone interview, you could simply be lost in the process and not “top of mind”. Meaning you could lose the opportunity to move forward with the open position simply because you didn’t communicate frequently enough. The second could be by accidentally communicating to the interviewer that you aren’t interested in moving forward (by neglecting to send a thank you email after the phone interview when other candidates may have).

Bottom line, send a simple thank you email. It will take only a few minutes and will ensure you increase your chances of moving forward with the job opportunity.

How Soon Should You Send A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview?

A thank you email should be sent one to two days after the phone interview. The sooner the better. Even if the phone interviewer doesn’t respond to your thank you email, they will have received it. And receiving it is the most important part of the process.

What Should I Say In My Thank You Email

Your thank you email after a phone interview needs to be brief and thankful. Nothing else. The simple act of sending the email will be the communication in itself. So you shouldn’t need to spend a considerable amount of time making a long email. Though, if you can, including a single sentence regarding your respect for the company or desire for moving forward with the process can go a long way. Something like, “I’ve always had the deepest of respect for [Company], I’d love to be considered for the onsite interview.”

Topics you should include are:

What Should I Avoid Saying In My Thank You Email

The things you should avoid asking is questions related to the company benefits or salary expectations. It’s too early in the process to be asking questions like that by email. It will seem off-putting to the interviewer and could make you appear inexperienced.

Avoid topics such as:

What Types Of Thank You Emails Are There

There are a few thank you emails that you might use in your toolkit when pursuing a job. They would be described as a note after your phone interview, a note after your on-site interview and then a follow-up email when you haven’t heard anything back.

Those would be the three primary email types that you can use at your disposal. With this type of email, we aren’t expecting to hear back from the interviewer right away. But if you haven’t heard something back after 3-5 business days, it’s time to send a follow-up email after you haven’t heard anything back.

Example Thank You Emails To Use After Your Phone Interview

Example one

Hey [Name] —

It was fantastic to be able to speak with you the other day. I really have a high degree of respect for [Company]. I’d love to move forward in the process. Let me know what I can do to help make that happen.

Thank you so much,
[Your name]

Example two

[Name] —

Thanks so much for the phone interview the other day. It was a great time. I’m glad we were able to cover [Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3]. I’d love to move forward in the process, let me know if there’s something you might need from me in order to do that.

Thanks again,
[Your name]

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