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Interviewers will ask you, “Why are you the best candidate for the position?” And you might be thinking to yourself, this is a difficult question to answer. Even though you feel confident you are the best candidate and they should proceed forward with you. How do you answer it in a way that doesn’t come across as arrogant? Or answering it in a way that comes across as though you lack confidence?

Answering requires an understanding of what the interviewer is looking for as well as how to position your qualities in a way that is brief, impactful and simple for the interviewer to digest and be able to remember.

Let’s go through the process of figuring out what qualities you might want to bring forward and how you might be able to express that in an effective way.

Why Interviewers Ask You To Tell Them Why You’re The Best Candidate For The Position

No matter what else you read, interviewers ask this question to gauge your confidence and ability to describe your skill sets in a simplified way. Most frequently, unprepared interviewers will answer with long, drawn-out responses because they weren’t prepared to be able to position themselves in such a manner.

The interviewer is looking for three key factors:

Those are the top three reasons why an interviewer would ask this question to you. Keep that in mind when thinking about how you might answer.

What Qualities Make You An Ideal Or Good Candidate

When thinking about your ideal qualities, you want to choose some that aren't necessarily skillsets but are words that best describe your work ethic. The way to do that is to think about a word that could apply to nearly any job function. If you can target a word to your job function, all the better. But you might not be able to do that. For example, communicative or personable would be great qualities for those in customer support or at a help desk.

Here’s a list of qualities you can use to match yourself with:

What Skills You Can Use To Answer Why You Are A Good Candidate

When thinking about skills, you want to make sure you pick those that are most applicable to the job function you are applying for. But when you can’t do that, there are certain skills which are always going to be of value to your employer. Note that from the above list of qualities, skills are different. Be sure that when you are thinking about your answer, you pull qualities and skills into your response to “Why are you the best candidate for the position?” so that you can seem like your personality as well as your experience aligns with the job.

Here’s a list of skills you can use to match yourself with:

Matching Your Skills With The Position

When you start to match your skills with the position, think about what the position will value the most. We’ve already used the example of the help desk and how that might require communication and empathy as part of the qualities and skills that you might have. But what other positions are there and how would you match them up?

Marketing Departments: Problem-solver, Passionate, Organized

Sales Departments: Passionate, Moldable, Decision Maker

Operations Departments: Communicative, Curious, Coordinator

As you can see, those are three primary departments in a company and it’s fairly easy to pull from our lists above. But that’s not necessarily how you answer the question (with the three qualities and skills). So you might be wondering, how do I package up an answer that the interviewer is looking for?

The way to package up your answer is to simplify your reasoning. For example, you might say, “I’m a perfect fit for this role because I identify myself as a decision-maker, with passion and the ability to stay organized. When you combine that with my prior experience and what you’ve told me the job requires, I’m a bullseye fit.”

With that answer you can see we’ve exuded a slight bit of confidence but also gave constructive reasoning for the confidence. You can’t say “you’d be a fool not to hire me” to the interviewer. But you can, in this particular interview question, answer with confidence.

What To Avoid In Your Answer To The Interviewer

The biggest things you should avoid when answering this question is long, drawn-out answers. And answers that don’t actually describe why you are a true fit for the job. For instance, if you answer with a story about your prior work experience, that’s going to come across as though all that makes you a fit is your job history. And none of who you are. That’s not going to be as ideal as explaining you’re a great candidate because the job is in your DNA and that you’re particularly good at that job.

Avoid answers that are:

What If They Ask Why You Are Interested In The Position

If the interviewer asks you why you are interested in the position, recognize this is a turning point. And that you should not answer with the above guide. It confuses most interviewers because it sounds like a very similar question, if not the same question. But it is not. If the interviewer asks you, “Why are you interested in this position?” be sure that you follow our guide here to answer correctly.

Example Answers To “Why Are You The Best Candidate For The Job?”

“Aside from my prior experience it sounds like the role requires a lot of collaboration between teams. I’m a great fit for that because I’m personable, moldable and find I can empathize with a lot of people. That makes me a great collaborator.”

“The role you’ve described sounds like it requires a lot of people skills. From communicating with clients to creating soft sales pitches. I identify myself as a person who is organized, enthusiastic and personable. Because of that, I’ve been able to push forward client needs, make them satisfied and in return create more sales.”

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