Follow Up By Email Regarding Your Job Status

Are you wanting to know the status of the job you just interviewed for? This usually means that you haven’t heard from the interviewer yet and you want to know very specifically, what the status of the job is.

We’re going to help you through this process. From who to send the email to and what you should include, to templates that you can copy and paste to make your life a whole lot easier. This can be a stressful time. Let’s make it less stressful.

You Didn’t Heard Back Yet

Usually, when you want to check on the status of your interview it means that you haven’t heard back from the interviewer yet. When that’s the case, be sure that you’ve given the interviewer enough time to get back to you. That usually means 3-5 business days. Never check on the status of your interview sooner than that as it could come across as pushy and somewhat aggressive.

The best way to is to either send a follow-up email when you haven’t heard back from, simply nudging them to respond. Saying that you appreciated speaking with them and that you are looking forward to hearing about updates.

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What Your Email Should Include

The best practices for these types of emails are:

  • Connect with the responder by their first name.
  • Mention why you are emailing them.
  • Make your intentions clear.
  • Ask for an update if you need one.
  • Be sure you are curious and grateful for the opportunity.
  • Be sure your email is short and to the point.
  • Proofread your email and be sure it’s clean of grammatical errors or long paragraphs.

The Purpose Of A Status Check Email

A status check email can be slightly different than an email that sends simply nudging the interviewer to respond back to you about the interview you had. A status check is when you feel as though you might not have gotten the position and you wanted to be sure that the position wasn’t filled by someone else. This can often mean that it's been past 5 business days and you’d like some closure about the interview that you had.

Status check emails can sometimes end poorly, though. Because you could find out that you simply didn’t get the position or that they’ve decided to go another route. Think of this as a sales email, when you haven’t heard from the person in a long time. Most frequently, you’re going to find out bad news.

Sometimes, in rare circumstances, it’s just that the company was busy. And that they are still looking to hire for the position but that it’s taken them a little longer. This could be due to vacations, holidays, quarterly planning or something else. So it’s always good to send this status check email.

When Should The Status Check Email Be Sent

Generally speaking, your status check email will happen after your thank you email and after your nudging email when you haven’t heard from (no response). In short, this is the third email that you’ll be sending to your interviewer.

Because of that, this could be anywhere from 5-14 business days after these emails have been sent and you still haven’t heard back from them. If you didn’t send your nudging email, then this could be the second email that you send, asking for a status update on the position.

Who Should You Send It To

When you send this email, be sure that you only send it to the hiring manager, HR manager or person that has been coordinating your interviews. They are required to let you know the status of the job placement. If you reach out to their superior or manager, they probably won’t know the status of your interview anyway. So it’s important that you don’t do that.

4 Best Job Status Check Email Subject Line Examples

If you are sending a job status check email, here are some email subject lines that you can use to do that:

  • “Checking on the status of [job position]”
  • “Curious on the status of [your name] interview”
  • “Any updates on [job position]”
  • “Haven’t heard from you, wanted to check-in on [job position]”

As you can see from our subject lines, this is usually an indicator that you haven’t heard from the interviewer for some time and that you personally need to check on the status of the job. Note: you may find out bad news when you send this email. Though, it is still vital to find out so you can place your job search efforts elsewhere.

2 Best Job Status Check Email Samples To Use

Here are some sample emails that you can use to send a follow-up by email and check on the status of the job placement.

Example one

Hi (Hiring Manager’s first name) —

I haven’t heard from you yet and was curious if the (job function) opportunity was still available or if it has been filled?

I sincerely appreciate you returning my email as it helps me in my job search.

Thank you so much,
(Your name)

Example two

Hi (Hiring Manager’s first name) —

I really loved speaking with you and the rest of the team. I haven’t heard from you by email yet and wanted to make sure everything was okay. Is (company name) still searching for (job function or position)?

I truly appreciate your response.

Thank you so much,
(Your name)

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