2 Emails To Recruiters That’s Guaranteed To Get A Response

Wanting to know how to email a recruiter? We’re going to cover a few of the types of emails that you might want to send a recruiter and how to ensure that you get a proper response.

Emailing recruiters or HR managers is an important task. This is because a majority of jobs that are secured today don’t happen by applying to positions through a job posting.

Astonishingly only 2% of candidates who apply for jobs through the traditional online portal methods are actually hired for the jobs they applied for.

This means, it’s important to market yourself and push forward on the job that you want in a highly proactive way. Emailing a recruiter or hiring manager is a great step in being proactive about your job search.

Why Emails To Recruiters Is Important And The Types Of Emails You Might Want To Send

Emailing recruiters or HR managers is important because it puts you in the driver's seat. It helps you stand out, it shows you are proactive about your job search and if you word your email correctly, could be the thing that helps you express why you are a perfect fit for the job.

There are a few reasons why you might want to email a recruiter. If the recruiter is an outside party, meaning they are from a recruiting firm, then you might want to email them in hopes that they have an available position for you.

If the recruiter is hired internally, meaning they are managing talent acquisition alongside the HR manager, then you might want to email that person about an active position that’s been posted online.

These are the two most common types of emails that you might want to send. An email to a recruiting firm or an email to an internal talent acquisition agent.

What Do You Want Out Of The Email

It’s important that you decide what you’d like to get out of the email before you send it. Are you attempting to find out about open positions? Are you looking to make a connection with the recruiter on a networking level? Are you trying to apply for a position and seeking to stand out?

There’s a variety of outcomes that you might want to receive from sending an email like this. Before you write yours, be sure you decide what outcome it is that you’re looking for. Use that as your basis for ending your email. Make sure you place a question or an ask towards the bottom of the email body and ensure that it lines up with what you’re looking to get by sending this email.

4 Best Example Email Subject Lines You Can Use

Here are some email subject lines that you can use when you send your email to a recruiter. For either internal or external recruiters, these email subject lines will still apply.

  • “Regarding (open position)”
  • “A lead for (open position)”
  • “Any open positions?”
  • “Potential employment”

We can see that the last two are best suited for when you are looking to email the recruiter about positions that haven’t been posted online.

2 Best Example Email Samples You Can Use To Send To Recruiters

Each of these samples will show you the two types of core emails that you might want to send to recruiters. If you are emailing a recruiter following up about an interview that you had, be sure that you read our guide on following up by email after an interview.

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Example one

Hi (Recruiters first name) —

My name is (Your first name). Your firm's name came up in my LinkedIn feed. And I’m looking to make a career change. A few stats on my previous work experience:

  • Good fact about your achievements
  • Good fact about your achievements
I’d love to share more with you and see if there are any open positions that you might think I’m a fit for.

Thanks so much,
(Your name)

Example two

Hi (Recruiters first name) —

I’m reaching out about the (position) opening. I’ve been following the company for many years, I’m a huge fan of (product/service they offer). Here are a few stats on my prior work experience:

  • Good fact about your achievements
  • Good fact about your achievements
I’d love to share more with you, submit my resume and sit down to interview if you have the time.

Thank you so much,
(Your first name)

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