List of What to Bring to a Job Interview to be Prepared (2020 Guide)

what to bring to an interview

Knowing what to bring to an interview can calm your nerves and help you be mentally prepared for your job interview. And being unprepared can leave a bad impression on the hiring manager right away. What you bring to the interview is more than just a list of physical goods, but also a list of emotional preparedness.

Before you start to think about the job application and physical assets to bring to your interview, ask whether or not you’re prepared to answer common interview questions, behavioral interview questions, and other questions the interviewer might ask to get to know you.

Preparing yourself through a mock interview can be the first step in having a successful interview. Ask a former colleague, family member, or friend to go through interview questions and answer them much like you would during the interview process. This can help you to improve your communication skills and ways you describe yourself professionally.

Here is what every job seekers should be prepared with before they attend a job interview with a potential employer.

Job Application Assets to Bring

Below are physical goods that you would want to bring for your interviewer, recruiter, hiring manager, or other HR professional.

If you’re interviewing for a teaching position or attending a teacher interview, all teachers should bring:

If attending a teacher interview, prepare with teacher interview questions and answers.

Personal Belongings to Bring

Here are a few things you should bring for yourself to ensure on the interview day you are well prepared.

As a job candidate, bringing these materials can show the interviewer or hiring manager how you conduct yourself professionally. Being prepared is just as important to the interviewer as it is for you. It shows the interviewer you’re a good fit for the position since you take initiative and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Interview Tips

Below are tips to help you during your job search.

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