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You’re about to go in for an interview and the HR manager says the dress code is business casual. Or one of your managers suggests that you attend a business dinner and recommends business casual attire. What does that mean? How do you dress for it? And how do you dress for it for the seasons (summer especially).

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about dressing business casual (or business professional) and make sure you attend your meetings looking professional.

Ready? Let’s jump right in.

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What Is Business Casual?

Business casual is a term that describes a dress code which isn’t formal but not entirely relaxed. Formal wear for men would be considered a suit and tie, usually a dark suit with a white shirt and tie. For women, formal wear for work would usually include a pants suit.

So what does business casual mean? It means that you should wear clothing that doesn’t appear as though you would be lounging around the house or attending a sporting event. For example, you shouldn’t wear sneakers. And you most likely should not wear light blue jeans.

You’re probably wondering what that means in terms of outfits. Before we cover that, let’s discuss why business casual is the new normal dress code.

Why Might A Dress Code Be Business Casual?

Formal dress attire has mostly been irritated from the workplace. In fact, the last workplace to require formal dress code was Goldman Sachs, and recently (in 2018/2019) have been more flexible on their dress code, resulting in business casual.

Pro fact: Princeton University recently performed a study and found that it only takes 1/10th of a second for someone to have a first impression about you. Meaning, what you wear can be critical to making a good first impression.

Technology startups have mostly paved the way for helping to show that dress code doesn’t affect the workplace negatively. Normally, formal dress code brought a professional presence and sense of respect to the workplace. But technology startups (even public ones like Snapchat or Facebook) have shown that professionalism doesn’t start with dress code.

A business casual dress code is usually indicated when your employer or future employer wants you to feel comfortable but still presentable.

Business Casual For Men

What does business casual mean for men? Business casual for men usually entails a button-up shirt (tucked in preferably), pants (khaki’s or pleated pants), boots (no sneakers) and sometimes a blazer or dress coat.

What isn’t business casual:

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What is business casual:

As you can see, business casual entails normally darker clothing that you might wear if you went to a graduation event or some type of key milestone celebration event.

Business Casual For Women

What does business for women mean? Women have a slightly harder time dressing business causal than men. Mostly because it can vary depending on the time of year. Generally speaking, business casual for women should never be revealing (no bra straps showing, not too tight, not too low cut, and not too flowing).

What isn’t business casual:

What is business casual:

For women, the ideal business casual attire is dark and not revealing (no bra straps showing, not too tight, not too low cut, and not too flowing). When it comes to makeup, try not to wear too many bright colors, stick to natural or neutral color tones with your makeup. As long as you stay within those guidelines, you’ll be okay.

2 Outfit Ideas For Men

Here are a few business casual outfit ideas for men.

Outfit one:

Outfit two:

2 Outfit Ideas For Women

Here are a few business casual outfit ideas for women.

Outfit one:

Outfit two:

How Should I Dress For Business Casual In The Summer?

Dressing business casual in the summer can be very complicated. Because in the fall or winter it can be easier, you can wear sweaters and blazers to bring your casual attire up a notch. For example, you could wear dark denim jeans with a blazer, resulting in business casual.

But what happens in the summer? How can you make sure that you aren’t sweating through your clothing, causing you to be uncomfortable but still meet the business casual dress code?

Dressing Business Casual In The Summer For Men

For men, dressing business casual in the summer usually entails a long sleeve dress shirt tucked into either dark denim jeans with boots or cotton pants (like khaki pants) with a tucked-in shirt.

It’s okay to eliminate any jacket in the summer and still be business casual. The best thing you can do is make sure that your long sleeve shirt is a solid color, is ironed properly and is tucked into your pants.

Avoid sneakers in the summer if possible.

Dressing Business Casual In The Summer For Women

For women, dressing business casual in the summer can be hard to determine. The most popular thing to wear for women in the summer is a loose v-neck blouse with dark jeans and high heels.

Be sure that you avoid any revealing clothing in the summer. And if you wear any v-neck tops, be sure that they aren’t cut too deep, showing any cleavage or above the naval skin.

Blouses will be your best friend in the summer for women as they provide enough breathing room to stay cool but can be dressed up to make you look professional.

What’s The Difference Between Business Casual and Formal

Formal wear is often worn to a nighttime celebration event or what you might have worn to your prom dance. This would be tuxedo’s for men and formal long dresses for women.

Business casual as it relates to formal is pretty far from one another. With formal attire, you wouldn’t wear a sweater (for either men or women). For business casual, you have the option to wear a long sleeve sweater along with a pair of cotton pants.

Shoes, for both men and women would be non-revealing formal shoes with a shine. In business casual, boots and flats are okay.

What’s The Difference Between Business Casual and Business Professional

Here’s a common question, is business casual and business professional the same thing? The answer is no. Business professional is one step below formal. For men, that means you wouldn’t wear a tuxedo. But you should absolutely wear a suit and tie (with a jacket optional in the summer). For women, this means that you should wear a pants suit with a white blouse underneath. Business professional is the classic professional attire that you might see in movies or TV Shows (like Suits on USA Network).

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