Paralegal Job Description Sample

A paralegal is a sort of attorney assistant. They provide the attorney the ability to amplify their time by managing tasks that would otherwise be too difficult to provide proper oversight for. An example of that would be overlooking corporate filings or agreements. An attorney would write such documents but a paralegal may look over them, make edits and be the professional involved in officiating the filing.

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Paralegal Job Description Sample

Paralegals are the backbone to the senior lawyers within a law firm. They help to perform a number of legal tasks which include research and development of law material related to specific functions or verticals. This could range from corporate development to commercial real estate. Paralegals provide "legal support" for attorneys. A day-to-day might look like filing motions, memoranda, pleadings, briefs, agreements, and more into the court systems. Paralegals may look over all legal documents as created by a senior attorney.

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Paralegal Resume Summary

This is how you might describe your position as a Paralegal in a resume summary, executive summary or professional summary:

3+ years in a commercial real estate law firm. Microsoft Office certified. Great communicator. Able to assist in customer phone calls, discovery and support.

Paralegal National Average Salary

National average salary for Paralegals is provided by The U.S. Department of Labor. National averages are a cumulative total average as seen by a non-specific geographic mean average. That means this is the average salary that you might expect to have (regardless of geographic region) when entering into this job function.

National average salary: $47,300 - $71,000

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