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A Data Scientist is someone who works in the software engineering department with an organization. They are professionals who use the analysis of internal and external data points to help direct business and prove a thesis. A Data Scientist is an integral role in understanding the needs of customers and projecting future successes of business decisions.

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Data Scientist Job Description Sample

Our team is seeking a highly motivated Data Scientist to help develop and scale our mathematical models to accurately predict our product roadmap and customer interactions. These models may include revenue formulas that help us to adust for risk and produce accurate year-over-year forecasts for our executive team and board members. A great Data Scientist is someone who use all tools at their disposal to ensure the integrity of our use cases and ensure's that data is being utilized to the fullest to answer complex problems.

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The national average salary is provided by The Bureau of Labor, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. In 2018, the median pay for a Data Scientist position in the U.S. was $96,100 annually.

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Bachelor's Degree. 5+ years in a programming position. Highly complicated "R" models developed. Comfortable querying all popular database types, including no-SQL database types.

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data scientist job description

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