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When it’s time to move on to your next job sometimes you have to send a resignation email. This can be hard. You have to send one to your HR team as well as the team that you work with every day. How do you do it? What should go in a resignation email? Let’s get started answering some of these questions.

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Should You Resign By Email?

First, it’s very important to note that you should never resign by email. You should always have discussions with your manager and HR department letting them know that you plan to resign. This email may be the forum of which you start that discussion. If it is, try to use some of our templates below but modify them for that need.

If you are truly trying to resign, try not to use this email as your resignation letter. Write a formal resignation letter and then include that as part of an email.

Even if you try to resign by email, your HR department may ask that you write a formal resignation letter because it’s a requirement for them.

What Should Go In Your Resignation Email

The basic structure for what should go inside your resignation email should be:

Try to keep your email short and to the point if you can. Avoid long explanations that might distract from what you need to do, which is resign.

When resigning, try to keep a neutral and positive tone to your email. Whenever possible, allude to the respect that you have for the environment, for your manager, for the rest of your team. This is very important, showing your appreciation for the opportunity.

How To Use Our Examples

Resignation email templates can be helpful as they provide you an idea of how to write your own email. All of our email examples are taken without context. Meaning, you should never copy and paste our examples verbatim. They lack detail and important relationship history with the person you’re sending it to.

If you decide to customize our templates for your own needs, try to follow the steps outlined below to ensure your resignation email is answering all the questions that your Human Resources department may have.

Remember that it’s important to stay on good terms with the relationships you’re leaving behind. Try to think about a way that your resignation email will provide that for you.

What Are Some Reasons For Resigning

It’s important to cover the reason for you wanting to resign. Try not to go into incredible detail about the reasoning as this shows that you might have an emotional attachment to the reason for your leave. Some good reasons for leaving are:

If you’d like to find out more professional reasons for resigning from your position, we have a large list here.

Resignation Email Subject Line Examples

Here are some subject lines you can use when sending your resignation email:

Resignation Email Example To HR (Human Resources) Department

Below are two of the best example emails that you can use to base your email on.

Example one

Email subject line: John Smith: Ending My Employment Dear HR Team,

I am writing to inform you that I’d like to resign from my position as Sales Engineer. I’d love to have this discussion with you and try to transition my duties to another employee. Ideally, my end date would be July 10th.

I’m here to help transition any active projects. I’ve learned so much in this position and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

John Smith

Example two

Email subject line: John Smith: Regarding My Employment Dear HR Team,

I'm writing because I need to initiate the process of resigning from my role as an Account Executive. Unfortunately, a member of my family has fallen ill and I will need to tend to that. I'd like to have a discussion regarding my employment at your convenience. Ideally, my end date would be July 18th.

I’m here to help transition any active projects. I’ve learned so much in this position and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

John Smith

Resignation Email To Coworkers Or Your Team

When writing an email resignation to your coworkers, it’s important that you don’t write the same email you’re sending to your HR department. You should only send your resignation email to your colleagues once you’ve discussed your desire to leave with Human Resources and you have agreed upon an end date.

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Here is what an example farewell email looks like.

Subject: A hard farewell

Dear team —

Working with you every day has been incredibly special. I have so many memories with every single one of you. And I’ve learned something from all of you. My last day will be May 15th. Unfortunately, it is time for me to move on.

I’d love to stay in touch with all of you. Below is my personal contact information. Reach out to me any time you’d like.

Thank you so much for everything,

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