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A resignation email is a type of informal resignation letter and resignation format. The email sent on behalf of an employee resigning from their position is acting as the resignation letter. While most supervisors and professionals prefer a letter of resignation attached to the email, some employees prefer to write an email.

Employees who write a resignation letter email should speak with their supervisor about their desire to submit their notice and formal resignation before sending an email or letter. Speaking with the direct supervisor is a softer way to “break the news” to an employer and shows respect to the current employer and job. The employee and supervisor will normally discuss steps in transitioning the employee out of their role, determining their notice period, deciding on their last day of employment, and speaking about goals for the next two weeks.

If a supervisor asks the employee to submit a formal notice to the HR department, it is preferred by most departments to submit a letter in a business letter format, rather than writing an email. As an employee, it’s best to ask the human resource department what their preferred method is of receiving a resignation, by formal letter, or by a resignation email message.

Tip: It’s imperative that employees leave their current job in good standing. And that they show respect to their boss, the company, and more. Showing gratitude along the entire process is a great way to ensure that the employee leaves on “good terms” (having a good relationship) with the company.

During the final two weeks of employment, most managers will have transitioned all efforts and job duties to a colleague or new hire. They will appoint a new person to take over the responsibilities of the professional who is departing. On the final day of employment, the manager will perform an exit interview, which allows the employee to give feedback about the company, management, role, and more.

How to Resign by Email

Resigning by email is acceptable only during certain circumstances. If the employee cannot have a face-to-face conversation with their supervisor, a resignation email is acceptable. If the employee is capable of meeting with their manager but decides to resign by email, the manager might be caught off guard.

To properly resign by email, try to:

Reasons for Leaving

In most circumstances, a formal resignation letter will not require the employee to disclose their reason for resignation. When asked, you may want to inform your manager or colleague with one of the following:

Tip: If you’re a senior executive who holds an employment contract, it’s recommended that you write a professional resignation letter and attach that to an email, rather than sending a resignation email.

Resignation Letter Email Tips

Follow these best practices to resign professionally.

Use a clear email subject line

Be sure to use an email subject line that clearly articulates the reason for the email is to resign or provide two weeks' notice. During a resignation, miscommunication can be difficult to navigate.

Give two weeks' notice

Two weeks' notice is standard practice amongst most jobs. Executive positions and academic positions have special circumstances. For most employees, providing two weeks' notice is ample time for the manager to replace their job duties and responsibilities.

Show gratitude

A resignation email may not be the best place to write a short email. Be sure the resignation email is heartfelt, sincerely, and shows a healthy amount of gratitude to the employer for the opportunity.

Offer assistance

Ask the manager about assisting with transferring job duties and job responsibilities during the transition period.

Ask questions

If there are questions about company benefits, unemployment, last paycheck details, or other human resource questions—use this email as a place to ask those.

Resignation Email Subject Line Examples

Below are resignation sample email subject lines to use.

Email Resignation Letter Sample

Below is a sample email message and resignation letter template when emailing a resignation.

Dear John —

I am writing to inform you that I’d like to resign from my position as a Sales Engineer at XYZ Company. I’d love to have this discussion with you and try to transition my duties to another employee. Ideally, my end date would be July 10th.

I’m here to help transition any active projects. I’ve learned so much in this position, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

John Smith

Two Weeks' Notice Email Sample

Below is a sample email message providing two weeks' notice.

Dear John—

This email informs you that I'd like to submit my two weeks' notice and resignation as a Sales Engineer at Apple, Inc. This opportunity has been nothing shy of special. And I cannot thank everyone enough for the opportunity to have played a pivotal role in the products and services we created together.

I'm here to assist in the transition of active projects. What can I do to assist you in transition my job duties to another colleague?

Thank you so much,
John Smith

Effective Immediately Resignation Email Sample

Below is a sample email message resigning from job duties and responsibilities immediately.

Dear John—

This email informs you that I will be resigning from my job duties and responsibilities effective immediately. We have spent several years together working on iOS12, iOS13, and assisting with the product launch of the iPhone 12. It has been an incredible tenure with Apple, and I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Unfortunately, personal reasons are forcing me to have to resign from my job duties immediately. I understand this puts unnecessary pressure on the team and the company. I sincerely apologize for the pressure my resignation puts on the team.

I hope we can stay in touch and connect once again in the future.


Retirement Resignation Letter Email Sample

Below is a retirement resignation email sample

Dear John—

This letter is with a heavy heart. I've decided it is best for me to retire, starting on September 1st, 2019. I have had a very long and fruitful career, and I am very thankful to end my career at such a great company and with such a great team.

While it will be challenging for me to wake up every morning and not come into this wonderful atmosphere where I am embraced with creativity and excitement daily, I must focus on my family and health moving forward. This will be a tremendous change for me but one that I am excited about.

Please let me know how I can assist in this transition and ensure the company's continued success.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to work with you.


Email Resignation Letter Template

Use this sample resignation email template below to write a resignation email.

Dear [Supervisor/HR Manager Name] —

I am writing to inform you that I’d like to resign from my position as a Sales Engineer at [Company Name]. I’d love to have this discussion with you and try to transition my duties to another employee. Ideally, my end date would be [Effective End Date].

I’m here to help transition any active projects. I’ve learned so much in this position, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

[Your Name]

Email Resignation Format

Below is the format to follow when writing a resignation email.

Email Subject Line: Resignation - Your Name - Job Title

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name
Address the recipient by name. Use their first name or last name (surname).

First Parargraph
Use the first paragraph to express the resignation. Include the date of the desired last day of employment. This is the "effective date of resignation." A brief explanation of the reason for resigning is considered good business etiquette.

Second Paragraph
Offer to assist with the transition. Or suggest ideas for completing projects during the transition period. Offer to assist in training new employees or offer to assist in hiring a new employee.

Closing Paragraph
Close the email by showing gratitude to the employer for the opportunity and be heartfelt with the message. Offer to stay in touch with the employer after the final day of employment.

Email Closing
Sincerely/Thank you so much/Best,
Your name

Resignation Letters

Below are resignation letters and free templates.

By Job Title

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By Reason

By Time

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