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A paraprofessional is someone who can be found within the education system. They are there to support the instruction of students. They can provide any number of assistive elements to the education system. For example, they could act as a teachers aide. Or as a special education assistant. Or even as an early childhood development assistant. You'll find paraprofessionals within daycares, preschools, elementary schools, and education centers of all kinds. They primarily work alongside teachers, therapists and other school administrators.

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Paraprofessional Job Description Sample

We are seeking a passionate paraprofessional who can help us with regular classroom activities. Our paraprofessionals will design IEP's based on student and faculty feedback, then implement education programs that fit in accordance with a student's needs. Great paraprofessionals have a passion for education and feel all students unique abilities are an opportunity for learning.

Paraprofessional Salary

The national average salary is provided by The Bureau of Labor, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. In 2018, the median pay for an Paraprofessional position in the U.S. was $12.45/hr on average.

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5+ years in prior teachers aide position. Able to work with students with learning disabilities. Understand how to plan out IEP's that correlate to specific student needs. Comfortable in all grade levels.

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paraprofessional job description

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