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reference list template

When you’re applying for a job, sometimes they ask for professional references. These are people who might be able to represent you in a positive light to your future employer. We’re going to go over what should go inside your reference list and give you a simple free resource to create your own reference list.

What Should Go In The Reference List

When designing your own reference list there should always be a header to your list. This is where information about yourself should go. Inside this header should include:

Then, with each one of your references, you should include:

Which References You Should Include

It’s important that you include references that are going to bode well for the types of skills that are required for the job. Meaning, you’ve had an initial discussion with your professional reference and they understand which quality or prior work experience they’d share with your new employer if they called upon them to be a reference.

Try to make sure that you have at least a few references which are going to express different stories related to your working history that the employer will find evenly distributed. For example, one reference talking about your communication skills. Another talking about your efficiency. Something along those lines.

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Reference List Sample

John Smith
123 Ridge Lane, New York NY 11211
VP of Product
Apple Computers


Sam Smith
SVP of Product
Microsoft, Inc.

Previous supervisor, worked together for 5+ years. This was between 2012 - 2014.

Ian Ryan
Lead Design Engineer
Hulu, Inc.

Worked closely with Ian as the head of two major product releases.

Ben King
Design Manager
Sony, Inc.

Worked with Ben through an acquisition into Sony. We worked closely from 2009 - 2010. A number of our projects were hardware related.

Download The Reference List Template For Microsoft Word

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Download The Reference List Template For Google Docs

If you’d like to download our template for Google Docs, you can access it here.

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