Camp Counselor Job Description Sample

When working as a camp counselor, you're responsible for the overall supervision of all campers in your group. It's your goal to provide an enjoyable, healthy, and safe camp experience and environment for all campers. Successful camp counselors often are creative planners, have strong leadership skills, and love implementing activities and programs for campers.

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Camp Counselor Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Camp Counselor job description:

Our company is looking for an attentive and enthusiastic camp counselor for leading, motivating, and supporting campers as they enjoy everything our camp is offering. The camp counselor will help lead group events, plan events, respond to incidents, monitor campers, log events, and maintain records relating to all activities. Camp counselors also discuss camper concerns and participation with camp staff members and parents. You should be proactive, positive, and caring while focusing on providing a fun and safe experience at camp. Every successful camp counselor is decisive, responsible, and upbeat. You should also possess strong leadership skills and be organized.

Camp Counselor Salary

According to PayScale, the national average wage for camp counselors is $20,000.00 annually. That equates to $9.49 per hour. Those who have less than one year of experience typically make $8.83 per hour. However, those with five years of experience or more usually earn $10.17 per hour.

Camp Counselor Job Description For Resume

A Camp Counselor position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

I worked with over four hundred campers ranging from seven to sixteen years old. My job was to communicate, encourage, and support campers, which resulted in the counselor of the year award. I collaborated with twelve other counselors for two months. We motivated each other, helped each other excel and created the best experience for our campers. Each week, I handled different sets of ten kids for eight weeks. I worked alongside two other camp counselors to inspire fun activities and keep campers safe.

Camp Counselor Skills

In this section, you’re outlining the skills you want for every candidate applying for your camp counselor position. That way, there’s no question regarding their qualifications.

Camp Counselor Duties & Responsibilities

Use this section for diving deep into the role of the camp counselor, what your expectations are, and what you want them to do.

Here’s an example of a Camp Counselor’s duties and responsibilities:

Camp Counselor Requirements

Here, you’re fine-tuning what your company’s expectations and qualifications are for every camp counselor. That way, nothing is unclear during the application process.

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Camp Counselor Job Description

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