Database Administrator Job Description Sample

When an employee works as a database administrator, they're working with technology while simultaneously using specialized software to organize and store an organization's data. This data could include a variety of information, including financial numbers to confidential records. It's the database administrator's responsibility to ensure that this data is available to users, it's secure from unauthorized access, and there's no threat of accidental corruption or loss.

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Database Administrator Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Database Administrator job description:

We're a consulting firm looking for a reliable database administrator to join our team. We're looking for a college graduate with a desire to expand their skillset and experience and who has journey-level skills. Ideal candidates can moderate on-site training and can function effectively with limited oversight. Database administrators should understand the importance of maintaining a database regarding security and efficiency. Our team includes some of the industry's brightest minds, and we look forward to adding you.

Database Administrator Salary

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics gives us data regarding the national salary average for database administrators. This salary information for data administrator job salaries is compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor. On average, those who are working as a database administrator will earn a national wage of $138,320 annually. That means they'll see earnings of $66.50 per hour on average.

Database Administrator Job Description For Resume

A Database Administrator position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Provider of database design and management support for all company projects ranging from thousands to millions in revenue. I improved the database application's performance by monitoring and tuning to minimize server processing and optimize storage.

Database Administrator Skills

Working as a database administrator means potential candidates have a firm understanding of complex systems, as well as how minor errors can cause significant issues. Therefore, when listing the skills candidates must possess, don't leave anything out, including analytical, communication, detail, and problem-solving skills.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities

Data-intensive organizations, including finance and insurance companies, find a database administrator's technical expertise desirable. Therefore, because they're in high demand, you must list a detailed account of your company's duties and responsibilities for this role.

Here’s an example of a Database Administrator’s duties and responsibilities:

Database Administrator Requirements

Working as a database administrator requires a significant amount of background regarding education, experience, and certifications. In this section, fine-tune your potential candidate’s job description by detailing the preferences you have, the knowledge that’s required, and what else would help make them a successful database administrator.

Database Administrator Job Description

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