EMT Job Description Sample

Those work as EMTs (Emergency medical technicians) cares for injured or sick individuals in emergency medical situations. An individual's life typically depends on their competent care and quick reaction. It's an EMT's responsibility to respond quickly to emergency calls, provide medical services, and transport patients to medical facilities.

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EMT Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good EMT job description:

Our facility is interested in hiring a confident EMT to transport patients to medical facilities and provide them with essential life support. Each EMT will work in collaboration with additional emergency medical personnel. These medical professionals include paramedics, and it's their responsibility to arrange for their arrival at medical facilities. EMTs must conduct themselves professionally, continue their education to keep state licensure, display a positive company image, and acknowledge accountability for all patient care they provide. A successful EMT remains calm at all times and can make informed decisions. Ideal candidates are knowledgeable, have impeccable people skills, and are physically agile.

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EMT Salary

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics provides the national average salary for EMT. These statistics were last updated in 2018. According to this data, the national average wage for an EMT is $34,320 per year. That means they'll earn $16.50 per hour. In 2018, there were 262,100 jobs throughout the United States for EMTs.

EMT Job Description For Resume

An EMT position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Dedicated and certified EMT who worked as a member of emergency response teams. I was responsible for delivering quality and fast care during natural disasters, accidents, medical emergencies, fires, and accidents. I'm a passionate medical service provider who can remain calm under pressure. I react swiftly in life-threatening and urgent situations.

EMT Skills

Because an EMT is encountering individuals in distress, they must possess personal skills—those which they cannot learn in a classroom or from a guide. Use this section to detail your facility’s expectations for every EMT you hire regarding these innate skills.

EMT Duties & Responsibilities

Working as an EMT requires a predisposition for careers in the medical field, and the desire to work in collaboration with medical professionals. The core goal is to ensure every EMT is meeting the needs of every patient they encounter while meeting these objectives. Therefore, you must list concise duties and responsibilities in this section.

Here’s an example of an EMT’s duties and responsibilities:

EMT Requirements

Every EMT must meet specific requirements before encountering their first patient. In this section, pinpoint each of these criteria to ensure they comply and meet your facility’s requirements. That way, there’s no question regarding certifications and expectations.

EMT Job Description

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