Merchandiser Job Description Sample

Working as a merchandiser means managing and planning displays, inventory, and promotions. It's their responsibility to collaborate with analysts, buyers, retail teams, and suppliers to ensure the right products are in stock, in attractive displays, and on the shelf. It's also their responsibility to ensure price points are correct to make sure everything, not just product sales, are of interest to customers.

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Merchandiser Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Merchandiser job description:

Our company is looking for a creative and analytical merchandiser to create plans and implement these strategies. They'll also be responsible for collaborating with channel partners and building relationships with customers. The merchandiser's responsibilities include ensuring products are appealing to consumers, monitoring stock movements, managing inventory levels, and understanding customer behavior. Then, merchandisers take that data to use it to implement promotional activities. Merchandiser candidates should also handle customer issues and supply problems. Successful candidates are up-to-date regarding trends in merchandising, as well as how to produce sales using attractive product promotions and displays. Top candidates have impeccable organizational, decision-making, and interpersonal skills. They can also meet company objectives, satisfy customer expectations, and handle working under pressure.

Merchandiser Salary

According to PayScale’s data, the national average salary for a Merchandiser is $48,017.00 per year. That translates to a merchandiser’s earnings being $12.41 hourly. Merchandisers with less than one year of experience will see wages of $12.08 per hour, on average. Those who work in a merchandising position for twenty years or longer could see earnings of $13.78 or higher, on average.

Merchandiser Job Description For Resume

A Merchandiser position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Effective merchandiser with more than five years of experience. Skilled in setting up and designing store displays. Seeking to raise sales for new clients. At my previous employer, I created more than eighty planograms for retail displays, exceeding sales targets annually. Drove successful marketing for over three hundred client stores.

Merchandiser Skills

  • Can pay attention to detail and is thorough.
  • Works well as a team member or independently.
  • Comes up with innovative solutions and ideas.
  • Is open to change and is flexible.
  • Does well regarding selling products and services.
  • Works well under pressure and accepts criticism well.
  • Has outstanding customer service skills.
  • Demonstrates impeccable verbal communication skills.
  • Can carry out tasks using a hand-held device or on a computer.

Merchandiser Duties & Responsibilities

  • Plans and develops merchandising strategies
  • Analyzes customer behavior, marketing trends, and sales figures to determine product needs.
  • Creates attractive product displays and stocks the sales floor shelves.
  • Identifies the requirements for and implements clear outs, markdowns, price changes, and product promotions.
  • Ensures all retail staff is well-informed regarding product promotions and details.
  • Maintains and tracks inventory.
  • Is a liaison between the company and consumer.
  • Forecasts future sales and profits.
  • Manages the budgeting.
  • Manages, trains, and supervises staff.
  • Presents reports to management.
  • Learns about production cycles from retail buyers and manufacturers.
  • Negotiates orders and prices with suppliers; agrees to delivery terms.
  • Tracks stock delivers, ensures goods meet quality standards and arrive on-time.
  • Sets sales targets for individual stores.
  • Creates marketing initiatives.
  • Knows the performance of competitors.

Merchandiser Requirements

  • Required to have at least your high school diploma or a GED.
  • It's preferred that candidates have previous experience in retail or merchandising.
  • Degree in the marketing business, retail, or the equivalent may be preferred.
  • Strong decision-making and organizational skills are a must.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills .
  • Strong analytical and numerical skills .
  • Must have a valid driver's license.
  • Must have commercial awareness.
Merchandiser Job Description

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