Store Manager Job Description Sample

Those who work as store managers are responsible for ensuring a store runs effectively and smoothly while they're overseeing its daily operations. Their duties include creating business strategies, motivating sales teams, developing promotional material, and providing training to new staff members. It isn't uncommon to see other job descriptions referring to these careerists as store supervisors.

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Store Manager Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Store Manager job description:

Our store is in search of a customer service-oriented and professional store manager for overseeing the daily operations at our location. While working in this role, it will be your responsibility to supervise the organizational and operational standards of the store. Your duties will include developing business strategies, undertaking administrative tasks, and monitoring inventory levels. Successful candidates can meet monthly sales goals and work toward improving customer satisfaction. You'll also be superb regarding communication and have demonstrated interpersonal and leadership skills.

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Store Manager Salary

Statistics gathered here are for the national average salary for a store manager from PayScale as of 2019. According to this data, a store manager is currently earning an annual income of $47,737. That translates to store managers making $14.95 per hour, on average. If you're looking for an entry-level position as a store manager, expect to see earnings of $39,000.00 annually. Those who have worked for twenty years or longer are reporting, on average, earnings of $55,000.00 or more.

Store Manager Job Description For Resume

A Store Manager position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Top-performing store manager with over ten years of experience and an outstanding track record of success working in diverse environments. I'm self-motivated, driven, and client-focused, who has a proven track record of handling retail store operations and exceeding sales targets by employing negotiation and presentation skills. I'm trustworthy and have strong interpersonal skills aimed at managing employees and assets.

Store Manager Skills

No matter what store the manager is going to run, the skills are transferable. While they won’t need to know about food safety in a music store, they will need to know about leadership and how to handle customer inquiries.

Store Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Every store has a differing objective regarding duties and responsibilities because, while one store might be selling food, another might specialize in books or fashion. Therefore, this section will have some similarities and differences depending on the store.

Store Manager Requirements

Use this section to create specific details highlighting your store’s management requirements regarding previous experience, background, and education.

Store Manager Job Description

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