System Administrator Job Description Sample

It isn't uncommon to see other job descriptions listing a systems administrator as a SysAdmin. When working in this role, you're responsible for the setup and maintenance of a computer system. It's also your responsibility to ensure all the computers in the network for the company, particularly the server, are running securely and smoothly.

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System Administrator Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good System Administrator job description:

Our organization is seeking a diligent and talented system administrator to administer and maintain our business's networked system of computers. When working in this role, you'll be responsible for ensuring all the computing operations are running with optimal security and performance. It's also your responsibility to troubleshoot network issues, hardware, and software. Successful candidates are excellent problem-solvers while using their in-depth understanding of computing solutions and information systems. The best candidates are also willing to manage all support questions professionally and are team players.

System Administrator Salary

U.S. News & World Report collected data regarding the national average salary, as well as the median income for a systems administrator's 2017 income. According to this data, a system administrator's median wage was earning $81,100.00 during that year. Those working in the top 25% were earning $104,460.00 on average that year. The lowest 25% working as a system administrator that year were earning $63,020.00.

System Administrator Job Description For Resume

A System Administrator position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

A Cisco and Microsoft certified system administrator with over five years of experience in healthcare IT environments. Managed networking and large-scale firewalls, extremely proficient with AWS, SonicWall, and VMware. Deep passion for security management.

System Administrator Skills

In this section, you’re drilling down the skills and qualifications each system administration candidate must have before applying. This section should include not only the technical skills you expect but also interpersonal ones as well.

System Administrator Duties & Responsibilities

System administrators have a wide range of duties and responsibilities, so you must make sure you’re covering them in great detail in this section. Be sure to highlight what the job will entail, describe critical points of the role, and how they’ll be fulfilling the position.

System Administrator Requirements

Use this section to further break down the system administrator's role within your company. That way, candidates understand your expectations regarding education, certifications, background, and experience.

System Administrator Job Description

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